In my comments last week I addressed the security issues related to Zoom meetings and unauthorized camera activation and use for Mac users. While everyone may wish their critical infrastructure could be compromise-free in perpetuity, vulnerabilities are inevitable. As a result, managing and securing against these vulnerabilities is a necessary part of delivering technology services at scale. So when I noticed this article about how RingCentral and Zhumu were affected by the Zoom exploit, it made me think about how teams can avoid unnecessary exposure by partnering with a vendor who owns their entire technology stack.

Both RingCentral and Zhumu deliver Zoom’s video conferencing technology as a white-label offering to their customers. This means that when Zoom did not resolve the vulnerability for 90+ days, it took even longer for customers of RingCentral to become aware of the issue and have confidence in the resolution. In this case, customers of both RingCentral and Zhumu did not receive a resolution until a day later than Zoom’s direct customers. These customers of telecom partners like RingCentral and Zoom had little recourse but to wait for answers as Zoom worked with Apple to provide a patch for their own customers first.

At 8x8 we own our technology and prioritize our customers’ security needs. With one platform for voice, video, and chat, our services are developed with security in mind. We assess our own infrastructure for vulnerabilities as we issue updates and patches. And, when fixes are needed, we can quickly resolve and transparently communicate with our customers in real-time. We have confidence in what we deliver to our customers because we make the underlying technology decisions that comprise our platform. We proactively monitor, evaluate, and respond to potential vulnerabilities as a part of our promise to keep our customers safe. This security first perspective influences each component of the 8x8 collaboration stack.

If you feel compromised by the recent vulnerabilities, this can be the right time to connect with 8x8. In the coming days, you will see an even more exciting HD video meeting service that you and your teams will love - and has security at its core. To test the new 8x8 Meetings experience call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out the form below to speak to an 8x8 product specialist.