Our product teams are constantly working to bring new and improved features to provide our customers with a flexible and efficient collaboration experience. We are very excited to announce that with our latest release, we will be supporting the 8x8 mobile app on Chrome OS, giving you the flexibility to work on your device of choice, anytime and from anywhere. In addition to that, we are also introducing new voice and team messaging enhancements:

8x8 Desktop Experience:

  • Built-in headset call control that allows you to perform basic call functions (answer, mute and disconnect) with Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser devices
  • A keyboard shortcut for call hangup
  • A setting that enables your desktop application to always be on top for the power users of telephony features
  • The navigation bar is displayed in a light blue color scheme to indicate a beta build
  • Search is UTF-8 compliant to allow searching for Chinese names
  • In-app access for a quick shortcut to watch free training videos
  • Ability to retry or discard undelivered messages
  • Support for relaxed mentions, i.e., silent mentions in 1:1 messages and private rooms to allow users to reference someone without alerting them

8x8 Mobile Experience:

  • Supports Chrome OS giving you the flexibility to work on your device of choice
  • Control your availability by setting business hours and turning off call and message notifications for a set period of time or outside your business hours
  • Retain the last contact searches so that you can find what you need faster
  • Integration with Siri for calling allows you to make calls to either personal or company contacts
  • New ringtones for incoming calls

Stay up to date and gain access to our latest features by downloading the 8x8 desktop app and 8x8 mobile app on iOS and Android. Get started today and let us know about your experience by submitting feedback. You can also rate the app and write a review on your favorite app store.