Success in the life insurance business depends on the ability of an agent to manage logistics and relationships, two tasks which are tailor-made for great life insurance CRM software.

It's a business that relies on important data; from new policy applications to renewal dates, Medicaid information, current clients, prospective leads and many more details that are priceless. By integrating CRM software into your life insurance business, you buy yourself some space to focus more on the people and relationship skills which can help you grown your agency.

What Difference Can a Good CRM Make?

With access to a CRM that provides you the tools to run a complex logistical business and delivers relevant, detailed information about clients, you have a winning formula to build a profitable portfolio.

For example, it makes a tremendous difference to a client when she calls into the office and is immediately greeted by name by an agent who is aware of the history of your interaction with her, and has the knowledge to help.

A good cloud-based VOIP, linked to the life insurance CRM is able to provide that detail to a call center agent time and time again.

Replacing a Traditional System with VoIP

Being available to your clients in their time of need is non-negotiable. Answering the phone in the life insurance game is a priority. By relying on a traditional landline phone system, you are missing out on so much data that you could be gathering.

You need a VOIP system that is always-on, and is connected to a Help Center based in the United States, where the agents on the help desk understand the intricacies of the complex U.S health system.

There are four fundamental principles that life insurance CRM software needs to address in this day and age:

  • Always-on service: Emergencies can happen at any time, and consumers expect a service that is available to them when they need it.
  • Business on the go: Agents are not tied to their desks. They need to be out in the field, and they need mobile applications that help them work no matter where they are.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Earthquakes, fires, floods are all possibilities. A cloud-based system negates the risks of hardware failure and with high-quality service and mobile apps, you can even communicate from the road if you need to set up temporary claims centers or work from disaster sites.
  • Increased Productivity: It's very useful to be able to see where your agents are at any moment, and to be able to identify clients when they call in, even via mobile.

Taking A Holistic Approach

The goal of your CRM should be to deliver an integrated, 360-degree view of your clients that highlights organic sales opportunities with your existing customers, as well as suggesting new leads that can lead to further growth.

What else do life insurance agents need from their CRM?

Real-time Collaboration. Resolve cases and increase underwriting throughput in a transparent, efficient manner.

Policy and Claims Management. Strive to achieve a centralized view of policy information that can be shared across departments and product lines and can be utilized for trend analysis and marketing strategy.

Integrated Systems. Integrate existing or custom-developed underwriting policy and application systems in a single, complete view of your customer.

Boost Your Marketing

With all of this incredible information, you will feel empowered to start creating integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and to tracking responses and close rates within your CRM system. By delivering a standardized view of your customer, your marketing efforts can be streamlined so that you are speaking with a single voice and you are targeting for real ROI.

With so much in the life insurance business relying on solid data that leads to actionable insights, it's vital to invest in the kind of life insurance CRM software that understands your needs and is up to every task that you need to be done.

Your cloud provider and available features set directly affects your relationships with your clients, which directly affect your business' bottom line. Choose a superior cloud system and ensure that this effect is for the better. Fill out the form below today or call us at 1-855-531-7713 to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 Product Specialist.


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