The recent movement toward working from home has presented challenges for many businesses. Staying productive when communication is spread across dozens of different tools isn't easy. The 8x8 Work Apps aim to streamline remote working, helping busy professionals stay connected wherever they are.

Work From Home Apps Keep You Connected When it Matters

8x8 Work Apps provide your employees with tools for mobile devices, desktops, and laptops to allow them to communicate with their colleagues efficiently, whether chatting, calling, joining conference calls, or sharing documents from their favorite device.

Work from home apps bring those core functionalities into one convenient and easy-to-use app.

Why Use Work Apps?

8x8 Work Apps help your employees stay connected and offer several benefits compared to using separate platforms for communication, including:

  • Easier contact management: Rather than trying to keep track of which employees are on which messenger system and having to hold multiple accounts yourself, using an integrated collaboration and communications platform brings everyone into one place.
  • Reduced training requirements: Having one single app for communication means less tech-savvy employees only need to learn one user interface, reducing the burden on the tech support team.
  • Improved security: It's hard to feel confident in security with remote workers, especially when they're using third-party communication systems. Sharing files over third-party platforms or discussing sensitive issues could be a breach of data protection regulations. Professional platforms offer peace of mind for your business.
  • Improved work/life balance: Employees find it easier to maintain work/life balance when their organization empowers them with the right policies and tools. They can maintain a distraction-free working environment by using their collaboration tools during working hours and sign off when their work is done.
  • Easier productivity tracking: Businesses can more easily track the productivity of their employees when work is being performed in one central environment.

The Best Work Apps for Busy Professionals

There are many apps for work available today and businesses need to use the best work apps for their particular needs. It's also necessary for businesses to ensure they're in compliance with ISO 27001 and any relevant privacy regulations, such as HIPPA and FIMSA.

Standardizing the tools used across the organization helps your employees work more efficiently. It reduces the burden for your IT support team since everyone can be trained on the same systems, and it reduces the risk of file compatibility issues, networking challenges, and other confusion.

Remote working is a new idea for many businesses. Rolling out massive changes to how people communicate and work within your organization may be an intimidating idea, but investing in a robust, secure, and reliable remote working strategy will improve your business' productivity and security in the long-term.

If you're interested in deploying improved remote working apps within your business, take a look at the systems we provide and call us today to discuss how our remote work apps can integrate with your contact center and customer service solutions. Our team is happy to dive into the details, helping you find the right integrated solution for all your customer service and remote working needs.