Maybe you’ve watched him show how to easily embed video meetings in apps. Maybe you’ve seen him sharing how to add chat apps to websites. If you haven’t seen him yet, meet Matt Gardner, whose ultimate goal is to make developers’ lives easier and the 8x8 developer experience better.

A Master of Show and Tell

Matt runs developer relations at 8x8, helping people go from 0 - 200 with APIs. While he may not be able to do that in 60 seconds, that’s okay, because the goal is to help others learn more over time - a goal that starts internally at 8x8 and then makes its way public-facing with the best instruction possible, which is sometimes long-form content. “I do a ton of video content for 8x8 internally and more externally - to show and tell if you will - whether it’s programming or doing tutorials.”

He’ll tell you he doesn’t live the life people imagine when it comes to developers. He doesn’t wake up at 1pm or drink Mountain Dew. When you have a puppy like Matt, which many of us do, there’s no time for sleeping in.

Ready to see Matt’s puppy? You know you want to. Watch his Originals feature now:

Tell Us More 

If Matt’s love of pups doesn’t get you, maybe his passion for hockey will. Caps fan, developer, entrepreneur, door-to-door website salesman, startup founder, privacy advocate, writer, non-award winning amateur chef - there’s something for everyone to get onboard with here.

And who doesn’t love his pro-tip for work these days: to actually follow the best practice of checking emails just a couple times a day versus answering immediately and then all day long. Matt would rather spend that time recording videos and answering questions for developers.

Telling Choices

When asked if he could have a video call with one person in history who would it be? Matt picked Socrates. Wonder why this is? Wisdom begins in wonder. Check out Matt’s Originals profile, and stay tuned for more 8x8 Originals in the coming weeks.