When you think of the words that best characterize a strong leader, what comes to mind? Transparency, adaptability, and flexibility are undoubtedly critical traits. Those words are also precisely how Dhawni Soni describes her communication style and approach in leading her team here at 8x8. 

As the VP for Product User Experience Design, Dhwani’s always been passionate about the customer experience. Outside of her role at 8x8, she’s also a mom. And over the last several months, she’s experienced the rapid evolution of digital workplace transformation first-hand. Hear what she’s learned and how the new perspective has shaped the way she works.

Bring calm into the chaos.

As a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic work, Dhwani draws inspiration from nature and looks for ways to make the chaotic moments of work and life feel a bit more zen.

Like millions of other working parents, balancing her role as mom and leader has brought both challenges and lessons. But thanks to the flexibility of 8x8’s single platform, she’s found it easy to switch between both roles and remain present at home and in her work. 

Some days her office is at the dining room table; others, it’s on her back porch. No matter where “work” takes her each day, she has the tools to get the job done. With the 8x8 desktop and mobile app, Dhwani can quickly bounce from her laptop to her phone, attend business meetings, and help her son complete his school work. 

She’s not only a boss and mom; she’s the boss of her time. And she’s passionate about empowering other business leaders with that same level of freedom. 

Become the boss of your own time. 

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s how to work more efficiently. For Dhwani, saving time has been easy thanks to the 8x8 Work app.

"Whether you are in your work boss mode or home boss mode, you put your calendar integration in. If you’re on a call, our 8x8 product realizes that and automatically moves a new incoming call into voicemail. And it’s all combined into your phone or desktop, and there’s no pin to enter; you’re using your own authentication. With a click, you can hear what someone has to say. It’s just that easy.”

It may seem like a small thing, but as every working parent has learned over the past year, every minute counts. Having the ability to save time, seamlessly juggle between tasks, and remain connected and present? Priceless.

“I’m the boss, it’s my time, and I know what to do with that time.”

“In the end, I want our users to feel ‘I’m the boss, it’s my time, and I know what to do with that time.’ That’s how I want them to feel.”

Clarity is at the core of effective communication, and it’s a critical component of how we’re helping people connect and work better together. Original thinkers like Dhwani make it possible, and we’re proud to work with her. Please stay tuned for more profiles of 8x8 Original Thinkers in the coming weeks.