I don’t know about you all, but lately, at the end of the day, I am exhausted. Exhausted from going to meetings that used to be face to face and are now all done on the computer. Exhausted from back-to-back meetings with mere seconds between.

The previous 5-minute walk between conference rooms provided a short-but-meaningful break. And remote conference calls in many ways require more mental energy to compensate for the lack of physical queues and body language. Maybe it's because I am deep into middle age. But I don’t think so. I hear the same things from my younger, but not necessarily more energetic, colleagues. Fortunately, I work at a company that specializes in communications software. And while the constant computer time can be straining, I find that 8x8’s integrated voice, video, and chat application makes my life much easier. 8x8 also puts global communication into context by embedding it within other applications like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

Enterprise-Grade Communications for Every Business

My experience prior to joining 8x8 was much like many of you who are not yet customers. I had a separate app for EVERYTHING and was constantly context switching from my video app, to my team chat app, to my phone, to Salesforce, and so on. Ack! The reality is that more tools equal more confusion.

I didn’t know there was a better way until a former colleague called me a few months ago and asked me to join her at 8x8. So now I am here and have the chance to share with you the benefit of my new experience, which is why we are launching a series of blogs, surveys, and eBooks over the next 8 weeks. You’ll have a chance to learn about operating from anywhere, building a custom communications experience and using AI to do it, and how even small businesses can have it all with the advantage of enterprise-grade communications.

But in this space, I will spend the next 8 weeks talking about making communications convenient and empowering your employees to communicate more effectively. Specifically, how you can embed better voice communications into Microsoft Teams, options to consider, why Microsoft can’t cut it alone, and how real companies have brought enterprise voice communications to their Microsoft Teams environment. Think of this like a Dickens serial, but for communications software.

On that note, the first chapter “More tools = more confusion” of the new eBook “Connect Everywhere: Better Voice Communications for Microsoft Teams” is now available as part of a 4-book series with essentials for every type of business learning to work and collaborate in the new digital workplace. Please join me, follow along, and let us know what you think.