This is the third of a three-part series on the three Rs of surviving and thriving through a business disruption: Readiness, Responsiveness and Resilience.

A good friend recently asked me what it is like working for a company that “helps you work from home.” I sighed, considered my response, and just said, “Well, I think it is equal parts exhilaration and exhaustion.”

8x8 team members are empathetic to the people and businesses all around us and are energized by the opportunity to help them stay open, resilient and ready to adapt to future disruptions.

One way we are helping customers stay resilient is by producing a steady stream of business continuity resources to help customers solve current challenges and plan ahead for future disruptions. These include the 8x8 IT Business Readiness Kit, a hub of useful training tips and tools and an array of how-to videos.

We’ve invited Intralinks, one of our customers, to discuss how they maintain business continuity and hosted a chat with Jon Arnold, of J Arnold & Associates, to share his advice on being responsive to employee and customer needs during a crisis.

Irwin Lazar, of Nemertes Research and one of the leading industry experts in remote work and collaboration, is participating in a webinar about business readiness to minimize downtime, drive remote worker productivity and benefit from mobile capabilities. His advice will be for the benefit of organizations of all sizes. Watch HERE.

We are continuing to develop additional materials, especially for small businesses, to help keep the phones and the cash registers ringing.

Do you have business continuity questions or want to learn more about communications tools you can use to serve your customers? Let us know by sending us a message at