A large portion of the global workforce is adapting to some version of a home office. With at least a portion of many teams working from home, it's important to have quality equipment that not only keeps your teams connected but is also able to deliver value and execute efficiency during these unprecedented times.

The moment has arrived for an electronic upgrade and 8x8's new IP Conference Phones are equipped with next-level clarity and easy to use modern features.

Daily logistics are crucial to your continued success. The VoIP conference phones and IP conference phones in our collection are the gold standards in telecommunication.

What Does Next Level Clarity Sound Like?

At 8x8, we're known for our secure global video conferencing solutions. As in-person meetings are now largely confined to digital spaces, we help keep information safe while also focusing on functionality that leads to a more productive environment.

Imagine feeling completely confident about your employees working remotely from all over the world. We craft optimal conference solutions, where video and audio transmissions of all participants are secure and reliable, and the quality is state of the art.

Our conference solutions achieve this and more, designed to fit workers, administrative staff, and managers' needs. Our line of VoIP Conference and IP Conference phones support your audio communication needs with:

  • Reliable and scalable voice communications
  • Secure and encrypted conference connections
  • Wideband audio
  • Crystal clear HD audio performance
  • Engaging display areas to enhance the user experience
  • Group Intercom Paging
  • HD Voice

There's a wide range of conference systems in our VoIP and IP suite. From contact centers to the needs of administrative staff, we pay close attention to the user experience. By making this element more engaging, we streamline operations in a way that helps reduce your overall spending.

The Best VoIP Conference Phones and Accessories

Our conferencing phones are custom built with essential features that improve your everyday business operations, including 3-way local conferencing and HD audio.

Clear multi-party conferences are a key feature of the Cisco IP Phone 7841. You'll notice the improvement in communication and time that occurs with clear and consistent signals.

The Cisco 8861 offers enhanced clarity while working thanks to its built-in visual user experience. The widescreen backlit color display makes the screen text easy to read. It has an overview of the conference participants, making it one of the best IP conference phones available for medium-to-large size enterprise businesses.

The Yealink SIP-T48S offers the ability to quickly switch between applications and document pages due to its 7-inch touch screen. The HD Voice system has advanced features that create unparalleled clarity in the audio quality, including echo cancellation and duplex mode.

Achieve Clarity and Efficiency at Your Next Conference

8x8 has the perfect accessories to unlock the full potential of your VoIP conference phone. Experience professional-grade sound with the Jabra Evolve Wireless Earbuds, or benefit from the advanced sound quality of the Poly Trio 8500. Noise reduction and advanced voice processing help create clear and productive calls, and patented NoiseBlock technology automatically mutes microphones for background noise.

Discover rich audio that helps you keep your competitive advantage while also creating an effective internal ecosystem. If you're looking to achieve clarity and efficiency and need to find a reliable conferencing solution, contact our team of experts to discuss the right communication architecture for your business.