There is no denying the fact that apps have seen massive growth and adoption in recent years giving rise to the phrase, “There’s an app for everything.” The beauty of apps is that they can be installed on any device. They have low friction and are easy to use (mostly), making them a valuable tool for both personal and business needs.

In the case of business communications, softphones offer a future of unparallelled capability, not least because software updates instantly push new features to users’ devices and constantly improve collaboration, productivity, and customer experience.

With the ongoing pandemic, most companies pivoted to remote work and employees made adjustments without their usual office hardware and equipment. Voice and video conferencing services are at the forefront. These modes of communication replace the usual desk phones and face-to-face conversations while increasing the use of desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. Does that mean physical desk phones are soon going to be a thing of the past? Probably not, but it has definitely provided users a glimpse of how much more they can achieve using apps instead. For example, unified communication apps bundle in messaging and video conferencing capabilities, allowing users to continue their conversations from chat to calling to video in a matter of seconds without hanging-up or redialing. These are just a few of the several benefits that apps provide in comparison to hard phones.

With that in mind, the latest release of our communication and collaboration app, 8x8 Work, includes our mobile app on the Amazon Appstore for versatile and affordable Fire tablets. The ubiquitous nature of tablets and its larger displays also provide an added advantage. Apart from being cheaper than a desk phone, they are especially useful for retail and restaurant settings, where they can double-up as an all-in-one solution for calls, video, chat, and point-of-sale systems. Workers can perform several tasks on a single device, from processing credit cards to using it as a phone system to communicate with staff and suppliers. Check out the video highlights of the 8x8 Work app below:

Other available features with 8x8 Work version 10.1 are:

  • Flip calls to your iOS or Android phones seamlessly
  • In-app notifications
  • Mute team messaging room notifications
  • Select, copy and export multiple messages using 3rd party apps
  • New ringtones

Customers can expect these features over the next few weeks. Download the latest version of 8x8 Work for Mobile 10.1, from the Amazon, iOS, Android app stores today.