At 8x8, we believe in empowering our customers and users to collaborate seamlessly, be it through voice, video, or chat. In unprecedented times like the present Covid19 crisis, communication has become more critical than ever. To continue with our mission, our development teams are making steady progress towards enhancing our collaboration tools so you can stay productive and efficient. As we continue to work remotely, our latest 8x8 Virtual Office Desktop and Mobile app releases are meant to help you continue your conversations and stay more effective.

  • Move seamlessly from call to video conference in a single click with Meet Now on your in-call screen.
  • Protect your eyes and your phone battery with Dark Mode on your Virtual Office Mobile apps (iOS and Android). No more squinting at your smartphone. This feature is enabled automatically when you switch the dark mode ON using the device setting.
  • Screen multiple concurrent incoming calls and choose the one that you want to answer with the new stacked incoming call banners within your desktop app.
  • Enable multiple simultaneous calls on your desktop app (up to 6 calls) to avoid missed calls - a situation common for your sales team. Contact our 8x8 team to learn more about how to enable this feature for your organization.
  • Steer clear of screen sharing fiascos while on a video meeting with the Screen-sharing control bar that will appear when you are screen-sharing during meetings, with options to stop sharing or to hide the bar
  • Ask Siri to send messages to your contacts (in addition to making calls) with the new Siri integration. Use phrases such as “Hey Siri, send a message to Amanda using Virtual Office”
  • Share multiple files directly from other apps with Virtual Office Mobile app

Stay up to date and gain access to our latest features by downloading the 8x8 desktop app 6.8 version and 8x8 mobile app 9.0 version on iOS and Android. Get started today and let us know about your experience by submitting feedback. You can also rate the app and write a review on your favorite app store.