Security, compliance and reliability form a complex matrix of topics. Security and privacy begin with the way data is handled, stored and protected. This brief guide provides examples of 5 best practices 8x8 uses to enable the platform to meet the requirements of well-known specifications for securing financial information, customer privacy and computer networks.

1. Customer Data Protection (GDPR)

8x8 is GDPR compliant. 8x8 was one of the first cloud computing companies to comply with GDPR. To remain a leader on this topic, 8x8 has appointed a dedicated Data Protection Officer who’s responsible for ensuring and enforcing ongoing adherence to GDPR policies, procedures and standards by 8x8 people, processes and systems. The Data Protection Offer continues to work closely with legal and governing organizations to ensure your 8x8 solution remains ahead of evolving regulations.

8x8’s Privacy Policy

2. Password policies

8x8 password policy follows the standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to prevent unauthorized access to systems. 8x8 Identity and Access Management enforce strong and complex passwords as a vital factor in guaranteeing the best defense against attacks. Regular password changes are enforced by the system and 8x8 employees are regularly trained on the importance of password confidentiality.

3. Single Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication

8x8 uses a Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate users trying to access the system. This approach enables users to securely access resources from a single login. 8x8 also uses Multi-Factor Authentication to verify each user’s identity for an additional layer of security.

4. Connecting to a secure network

8x8 internal systems can only be accessed if the user device is connected to a secure network. 8x8 uses a Corporate Wi-Fi with Access Controls to mitigate against attacks and ensure only authorized 8x8 employees can connect to the network. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also in place for employees to create a secure connection to other networks over the internet. Without being connected via these security measures, 8x8 internal systems cannot be accessed.

5. Security Awareness

The level of security awareness by employees is essential to creating a secure environment. 8x8 employees cannot gain access to any 8x8 system until they have participated in, understood and passed security awareness training. Security awareness refreshers are reviewed and conducted regularly.

These 5 best practices are just a few examples of the many ways 8x8 works to ensure the security, reliability and compliance of your cloud communications. This whitepaper provides additional information on how 8x8 keeps your data safe and secure.

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