A Forum for you

8x8 is announcing a fresh way to interact with some of our favorite people—our customers. We would like to formally welcome all of our users to log in to 8x8 Community using your 8x8 system login. From there, you can explore, connect and engage with the 8x8 team and other users. Set up your profile, add a picture, and have a look around the site. We want to know you more!

The Goal of the Community

We developed the 8x8 Community specifically so that we can enable our customers to

  • Collaborate with peers
  • Share strategic advice
  • Solve challenges and develop new approaches to old and new problems

We want to facilitate a community of experts to work better, together. We want to give our customers another avenue beyond traditional support to engage with each other and meet some of the fantastic people here at 8x8. We are committed to fostering a deeper engagement with our customers and welcome you to use this forum beyond self-training and Q&A.

Ask Me Anything!

On August 10th, we launched our first “Ask Me Anything" session within the community website. Andy Rawll, a Product Marketing leader here at 8x8, was “open” for an hour via live chat regarding questions about MS Teams. You can view the questions from this session, even if you weren’t able to join live, and see details about the next “Ask Me Anything” with Mark Lipshaw, 8x8 Work Analytics Product Manager. His session will be about 8x8 Analytics for Work—further details will be available on the website.


We would like to build a community culture that provides a place for you to:

  • Ask for help
  • Provide and gain ideas and insights
  • Connect and reach out to peers in your industry

We want to use this format to listen to you and understand how you use our solutions and offer guidance and direction when necessary. Join us Thursday, August 26 for the next 8x8 "Ask Me Anything" session where you can ask Mark Lipshaw anything about Analytics for 8x8 Work via a live chat session within the community. Watch for this and future events here. We look forward to engaging with you via the #8x8Community format.