The way work gets done has changed. The days of all or most employees being housed in one office or headquarters has passed. Instead, teams are comprised of remote employees, project-based staff, and external partners - globally dispersed and quickly changing based on business needs. Managing IT resources in this scenario is difficult and complex. Provisioning users and assigning access controls is part of this complexity. Users should be able to access the applications they need without cumbersome passwords that are often of questionable strength and easily forgotten. Single Sign-On tools make this easier and many companies have looked to Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory to provide identity management.

Given the reliance on Microsoft’s broader ecosystem and the need to deliver 8x8 communication apps within this ecosystem, we saw the need to improve how we support our customers with identity management.

So we’ve updated the 8x8 Azure Active Directory integration to better support your needs. The new 8x8 Azure Active Directory Integration will make it easier for you to provision and manage users. Instead of managing users in two systems - the 8x8 admin environment and the Microsoft admin environment - you can provision and manage users in one system and your users will have access to their 8x8 apps.

We’ve made it easier for you to deliver voice, video, chat, and contact center from the cloud; so it only follows that we work toward helping your users experience frictionless access, give your administrators ease of control, and help you maintain and implement compliance requirements.

Your administration tools should be easy and should simplify the inherent complexity of managing a dynamic, flexible workforce. Identity management is a crucial aspect of maintaining your teams’ productivity and security. Your users need to access the tools and services they need wherever they are on any device in a reliable and secure manner. The new 8x8 Azure Active Directory integration will help you deliver this consistently. To access this integration, visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and find the 8x8 connector, install the application for a one-time configuration and enjoy the benefits.