Call centers can be a somewhat stressful work environment and not always conducive to long career decisions. But if you’re a savvy call center leader, you know there is a secret to keeping a positive and productive outlook in contact centers. Every positive interaction that a potential buyer has with a company can turn them into a prospect or a loyal customer. Thus, having a professional contact center agent will increase the value of customer interactions and serve to boost brand awareness.

As customers become more aware of other methods to communicate, agents need to be trained and ready to utilize channels other than voice. But the basic rules of working in the contact center remain consistent.

Here are a few:

Call Center Tips and Tricks

1. Courtesy

Customers reaching out to your business may be emotional and frustrated, depending on the problem they want to resolve. Therefore, call center agents should always treat the caller with courtesy and try to empathize with them. Speak clearly and remain calm during a conversation with the customer. Wait for them to finish speaking before you try to address the issue. You can be a hero just by listening and letting them know you are invested in their problem.

2. Communication Skills

An effective agent will be able to create a balance between being friendly and being professional while communicating with the customer across all interfaces, whether chat, email, social media or even voice. Keep in mind, the exchanges have to be clear, to the point and responsive. When you communicate it is important to get the message across that you are working with the customer to solve their problem. If the agent’s response is vague or difficult to understand, the customer may be lost even if the agent is trying to be helpful. Be as straightforward as you can by making sure the customer understands what you are trying to say, the point you are trying to make.

3. Flexibility

The contact center is changing, and agents who are able to change with it are valuable in any situation. Easy access through any device is becoming a requirement, not an option. Voice is only one interaction, so agents need to be able to use digital connections as well. And regardless of the channel used, an agent who can support multiple questions over chat, email, social media or texts is critical to the contact center of the future. Flexibility is key.

4. Focus

It may sometimes be boring or repetitive to agents, but supporting your customers well is what makes your company stand out. A majority of customers say their experience (and often a single experience) with an agent can be the determining factor in continuing business relations or moving on. Keep that in mind for each contact: stay aware of the customer, their needs and let them know you are paying attention. Customer experience will make a difference in the ongoing business.

How Call Center Software Can Help

One step to better customer experience and focused agents is giving them a system to answer contacts that is easy to use and offers simple methods to communicate with other agents or experts for help. A system that offers co-browse enables better interactions with customers needing some hands-on assistance. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), a cloud-based call center solution, provides advanced technologies in a cost-effective package that includes a flexible platform for new features, system growth and upgrades. Cloud-based means no on-premise hardware or dedicated on-site support. A cloud platform provides a managed, supported platform, with key agent features, ready to go. It allows the contact center administrator to configure the system remotely and make changes as required while providing the tools necessary to keep your agents happy and supportive.

The Goal is High-Quality Customer Service

Providing high-quality service for every customer should be at the top of the to-do list of every call center. To accomplish this, businesses should invest in ensuring that every agent has what they need to provide flexible, focused, courteous communication. This will help increase brand awareness and build an image of honesty, trustworthiness, and effectiveness. The end result is a positive interaction with customers, which is critical to any business’ ongoing success.