Every year, Contact Center solution providers submit to Gartner a comprehensive look at the current state of their business and product offerings. After an exhaustive evaluation and scoring methodology, results are compiled and published into the annual Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as Service, which is used by customers as they consider their purchasing decisions. Contact center leaders like me know just how valuable and important the MQ is, and so every year we anxiously and eagerly await to see the results, hoping for positive movement “up and to the right,” while at the same time, anticipating--even predicting--potential movement by other vendors in the industry. In my nearly seven years leading MQ initiatives in the contact center industry, I’ve never personally placed a bet, but I imagine that kind of high stakes game might exist.

In past years, Gartner has published two flavors (apples and oranges, maybe?) of CCaaS MQ, including North America (NA) and Western Europe (WE). And every year when the final, infamously square 2-by-2 graphic is delivered, we compare our--and others’--year-over-year performance: up, down, in, out. In retrospect, the word “compare” doesn’t accurately represent the level of analysis and scrutiny with which we look at those four perfectly equal, yet totally inequivalent, quadrants.

This year, there is only one MQ, which consolidates the previous two reports for NA and WE. As a result, a straightforward “apples-to-apples” YOY comparison is not possible. I couldn’t even attempt such a thing without much deeper insights into each company’s performance, vision, roadmap, and so on.

8x8 Recognized for CCaaS and UCaaS Capabilities

What we do know is that 8x8 has been named a Challenger in this year’s new Worldwide report, recognizing our progress in strengthening the four pillars of great customer service on a global scale. Specifically, Gartner acknowledges “8x8’s international expansion as a UCaaS provider offers a solid foundation to meet the needs of organizations’ contact center users in multiple regions, particularly where there is a requirement to support both UCaaS and CCaaS.” This is the 6th year that 8x8 has been named a Challenger in the CCaaS MQ. 8x8 is also an 8x Leader in the UCaaS MQ.

Why is Supporting Both UCaaS and CCaaS Important?

That may have been a question pre-Covid. But today, we know that getting agents and employees to work from home--quickly, efficiently, and productively--has been the number one priority for every business. Long before Covid, 8x8’s single platform approach has proven to over 1.3 million business users, including IT and CC leaders, that we can successfully

  • break down communication silos with a single platform approach that supports voice, video, chat, and contact center
  • foster and improve collaboration between front-line contact center advisors and back-office employees--and experts, field reps, or anybody else--to improve first contact resolution metrics
  • improve visibility and reporting across the entire customer journey, regardless of where the interaction begins (inside or out of the contact center)
  • deliver intelligent, AI-powered self-service options to optimize customer experience and reserve valuable agent resources for high-cost/high-payoff interactions
  • reduce costs and improve efficiency and productivity through a single system of engagement

During Covid-19, we saw the competition race to support remote work environments through merger, acquisition, or partnership with third-party solutions. Meanwhile, 8x8 customers were able to safely and securely support their remote/work-from-home contact center agents in less than 24 hours, without assistance. Our 4.9 rating out of 5 stars on Gartner Peer Insights tells our story.

While this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, Worldwide, changes the landscape for many vendors, one thing is certain with 8x8: when you combine UCaaS and CCaaS, you will be able to successfully support your remote agents throughout the world, improve overall company engagement and most importantly, optimize every single interaction with your customers so that your very own “apples to apples” comparison with your nearest competitor isn’t even a question.