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What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A Virtual Phone Number is a second number that when called, rings to a primary 8x8 line.

All About Virtual Numbers

Do you have customers scattered near and far? Would you like to appear as if you have a local or international presence in key areas? Get a virtual number from 8x8 and callers from those areas can reach you anytime just as if they were making a local call.

A Virtual Number is a second number that rings to a primary 8x8 line. Virtual Numbers are available through 8x8 for 50 countries including the US and Canada. Virtual Numbers provide savings and convenience for people phoning you from that number’s area code or region.

Virtual Numbers for business

Virtual Numbers can be used by businesses to save their customers money by permitting them to make a local call from 50 countries. In addition, virtual phone numbers allow your business to show a local presence in a geographic area without physically residing there. Just as your primary 8x8 number need not be tied to your actual geographical location, virtual phone numbers can be obtained from almost anywhere. As an example, suppose you are a snow ski manufacturer based in Colorado while your biggest customers are located in Seattle, Washington, Zurich, Switzerland, and Montreal, Canada. All you pay is a small monthly fee for three different virtual phone numbers, located in the three different hubs of your business activity. Now, your customers never have to dial long distance to place an order.

International Virtual Numbers Country List

United States Cyprus Hungary Norway
Canada Czech Republic Ireland Panama
United Kingdom Denmark Israel Peru
Argentina Dominican Republic Italy Poland
Australia El Salvador Japan Portugal
Austria Estonia Latvia Puerto Rico
Bahrain Finland Lithuania Romania
Belgium France Luxembourg Singapore
Brazil Georgia Malta Slovakia
Bulgaria Germany Mexico Slovenia
Chile Greece Netherlands South Africa
Croatia Hong Kong New Zealand Spain

Click here for the complete list of International Virtual Numbers

8x8 also offers International Virtual Toll-Free Numbers. Learn more >

How does it work?

Virtual numbers work like email address aliases. In the same way that you can have more than one email address point to the same email account, you can have more than one 8x8 phone number link to your Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Centre service.

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