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Renew Financial: Pioneer in Offering Affordable Financing for Renewable Energy Projects

renew-financial-logo-scaled.pngOffering financial solutions for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, Renew Financial is a key contributor to America’s transition to a clean energy model. Founded in 2008, the company offers a broad selection of solutions for home and business owners, including the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing model. PACE financing is available for eligible projects and is repaid as an assessment on a property’s regular tax bill.

The company’s CEO and founder, Cisco DeVries, was one of the original architects of the PACE financing model, which to-date has provided almost $4.5 billion in residential and commercial assistance.

Unparalleled Customer Experience

Rhasan Valentine-Wafer, director of technical operations for Renew Financial, explained the importance of customer service to the company, “PACE financing is built on a public/private partnership, and like most lending, it is highly regulated. We decided early on that the way to differentiate ourselves in this market is through providing an unrivaled customer experience. That’s how we set Renew Financial apart from our competition.”

Time is Money

Renew Financial’s legacy telephony system had become a major impediment to delivering the elevated levels of service that were required; it struggled to keep up with the influx of incoming calls and was plagued with reliability issues.

“Every minute counts. If we have even thirty minutes of downtime in our contact centre we can lose up to $40,000 in business,” explained Valentine-Wafer. “We discovered we’d submitted over 800 support tickets in a 10-month period; that’s when we knew we had to find a better way.”

Like Minds

Attracted by its ability to facilitate an exceptional customer experience and enhance the efficiencies of internal team members, Renew Financial selected 8x8 as its preferred solutions provider. Implementing 8x8 Virtual Office and 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre, the company set out to restructure the way it approached customer service.

“We handle thousands of inbound and outbound calls each week, and every single one provides the opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience,“ stated Valentine-Wafer. “We felt that 8x8 really understood this and had the solutions to enable us to achieve our goals.”

Service is what we use to distinguish ourselves from our competition. It’s critical for our clients to have a great experience, so we strive to ensure that our customer service is always exemplary. 8x8 gives us the capabilities and the efficiencies to create an incomparable customer experience.
Rhasan Valentine-Wafer
Director of technical operations, Renew Financial

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Improvements

The 8x8 cloud-based communications platform had an immediate impact on internal work processes: “I find the quality management capabilities to be invaluable,” commented Valentine-Wafer. “Features such as monitoring, recording, screen capture, and automated transcriptions are fantastic. They enable us to continually monitor and tune the way we handle calls; resulting in constant improvements in how we interact with our own clients and prospects.”

The intuitive user interface of 8x8 Virtual Contact Centre enables new team members to rapidly come up to speed. “Agents are able to become productive in a very short period of time,” noted Valentine-Wafer. “I am frequently told how much easier 8x8 is to use than the previous system we had.”

Scenario Testing

The rich set of reporting capabilities included with the 8x8 solutions enable Renew Financial managers to test different scripts and flows to determine the optimal way to handle customer calls. “8x8 gives us the ability to evaluate the effect of making subtle changes to things like call routing and menu verbiage. We analyze the relevant Virtual Contact Centre statistics to measure the impact on the customer experience,” explained Valentine-Wafer. “This is yet another example of how 8x8 enables us to continually enhance how we interact with our clients.”

Continual Innovation

Valentine-Wafer observed, “I’m impressed with how innovative 8x8 is; continually adding new capabilities that impact customer experience and workforce efficiency. An example of this is the 8x8 automated transcription feature that gives us the ability to produce transcripts of calls in real-time. We can then search the text for specific keywords to pinpoint the exact section we want without having to listen to the entire recording.”

Every Little Detail Counts

8x8 provides the ability to integrate unified communications and contact centre capabilities with leading business applications, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Zendesk and Microsoft Dynamics. “Having all the data already in front of an agent as soon as the call is received has a major impact on the effectiveness of our team,” commented Valentine-Wafer. “All of these things add up to make the overall customer experience just that much better.”

He concluded, “Service is what we use to distinguish ourselves from our competition. It’s critical for our clients to have a great experience, so we strive to ensure that our customer service is always exemplary. 8x8 gives us the capabilities and the efficiencies to create an incomparable customer experience.”


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