Radixx’s Airline Reservation Service Soars with 8x8’s Cloud-Based Unified Communications and Contact Centre Services

When Radixx decided to maximize customer service, control communications spending and ensure business continuity, it turned to 8x8, Inc. for its market-leading business VoIP phone service and integrated unified communications.
Radixx selects 8x8 Hosted VolP phone service and call center software to transform its business.

When airlines get serious about becoming profitable, they turn to Radixx International, whose hosted reservation services pioneered the replacement of expensive, limited mainframes with a cost-effective, cloud-based system.

Radixx is replacing the on-premises PBX at its Orlando, Florida headquarters with 8x8’s Virtual Office hosted VoIP solution. The initial deployment covered 63 phones, including 10 used by employees who work from home or abroad. Radixx plans to extend Virtual Office to a total of 100 phones.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP Phone Service

Radixx immediately achieved three major benefits with Virtual Office:

  • IT staff are now free to focus on revenue-generating tasks instead of managing a PBX. “Our core business is not maintaining a PBX,” said Ron Peri, Radixx Founder, Chairman and CEO. “Our core business is hosting airlines around the world.”
  • As a hosted solution, Virtual Office ensures business continuity that previously wasn’t possible if a disaster had struck Radixx’s on-premises PBX. “By moving that into the cloud, we now have a far more robust business-continuity plan,” Peri said.
  • Virtual Office extends all hosted PBX services to employee smartphones, tablets and PCs, maximizing their responsiveness and productivity. This feature also virtually eliminates roaming and long-distance charges for staff who travel or are based abroad. “When you look at all of the displaceable costs, it’s a very powerful argument to move to 8x8,” Peri said.
Radixx CEO Ron Peri

It was a no-brainer. Saving money. Far more robust. Modern technology. Better features. Easier to use.

Ron Peri
Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Radixx

Hosted Call Centre Software Accelerates Customer Service

Radixx airline reservations uses 8x8 hosted VoIP and hosted call center software

Radixx also implemented 8x8’s hosted call centre software solution, beginning with 10 seats.

“It’s the best automated call distribution (ACD) product I’ve seen,” Peri said. “Before 8x8, it could take anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute and a half before a customer got into the support queue. Now it’s 7 to 10 seconds. The customers are definitely happier about it.”

“We are honored that an innovative company like Radixx chose 8x8 to transform the way it does business,” said 8x8 Chairman and CTO Bryan Martin. “Its success with Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Centre is the latest example of how tens of thousands of businesses are enhancing productivity and reducing operating costs with 8x8 cloud communications solutions.”


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