Home Screen

The Manager Express home screen is where you can make changes to your pre-configured setup and customize your system to meet your company’s needs.

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Business Info

The Business Info menu lets you set your business hours, this will help dictate how calls are handled in the Call Routing menu. 

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Call Routing

Call Routing determines where your calls go and how they're handled, based on your business hours.

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Users and Phones

The Users and Phones menu helps you configure your phone numbers and manage the users that have access to them.  

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Port Numbers

If you want to keep your phone numbers from a previous provider and transfer them to 8x8, you can do so in the Port Numbers menu. 

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Account Information

Account Information allows you to view your account details. From here, you can purchase licenses and devices, modify payment information, view billing statements, and view orders. 

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Provisioning Desk Phones

Want to add a deskphone for one of your users? Easily add and activate devices in Express Manager. Learn how to activate your 8x8 Desk Phone with a MAC address or activation code in 8x8's Manager Express.

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What is 8x8 University?

8x8 University is your one-stop solution to all your training needs.

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