Using Workplace Communication Videos in Your Organization

Video can help businesses communicate quickly and share information. With video conferencing, businesses can hold classes, provide product training, and host meetings. Where organizations would typically encounter challenges with getting the entire team together or allowing different sites to collaborate on projects, video can make it possible to become more productive and communicate effectively. 

Learn more about the difference video can make for your workplace. 

Video in the Workplace 

Communicating in-person has always been the defining standard for sharing information and ideas productively. Now, video is providing a viable alternative to in-person meetings for organizations that can't always have people meet directly. Since so much can be communicated visually, video can help you capture more that written and audio communications leave out. It's not the same as meeting in-person, but it's pretty close---and getting closer as video communications improves and unified communications gets better. 

A few of the benefits of video communications for businesses: 

  • Meetings alternative. Rather than constantly travel unnecessarily, video can be a simple and sensible way to host a meeting. 
  • Offer classes and webinars. If your organization needs to share and teach on a specific topic, it makes sense to use video to accomplish it. This can help you provide customers with product information and teach specific topics to others, such as new salespeople. 
  • Overcome distances. Connect together people who work in distance offices or different time zones quickly and effectively. 
  • Save on travel. Potentially, video could help replace some of the benefit you'd get from using business travel at your organization. This can help you reduce costs or use your travel budget more effectively. 
  • Promote camaraderie. Video makes it easier for people who've never actually met to feel personally connected. It's almost as good as meeting someone in person, and it can help for distant coworkers and new connections alike to begin forming meaningful professional relationships. 

Of course, there can also be other benefits to using video in workplace communications. It all depends on what your business does to make the most of video technology. 

How Video Calls and Conferencing Solve Problems in Communications? 

Successful communications relies heavily on interpersonal communication, and to communicate a message effectively, you'll probably need visuals. This is especially true for more complex forms of information and issues that don't immediately translate well to strictly audio and written communications. 

Complex, experiential concepts, for instance, can benefit more from a visual medium. Presentations are another example of information that may be best conveyed visually, too. Without the right medium to share information, problems arise. Communication problems breed misunderstanding and distrust. 

Effective communication is the only way to ensure your listener has a chance to hear your message as you intended it. Video isn't always the solution, but it definitely gives workplaces another tool in their arsenal to resolve miscommunication and promote understanding. Over time, the impact of more effective communication could be higher productivity and a better work environment. 

Getting Started with Videos in Workplace Communications

Video can help promote understanding and connection for people in the workplace. At your business, video may help you save money and reach new audiences. Companies can use video conferencing to host meetings and collaborate better with colleagues.

By contacting your communications software vendor, you can get the process started towards learning more about video---finding the right video conferencing tools can help your organization become more productive and serve your customers better. 

Since video has so many great benefits for businesses, it makes sense to consider adding it to your communications toolkit. Effective video communications can have a lasting impact on your organizational health and workplace environment.

It can also help resolve some of the communication problems that occur whenever people try to understand each other and work with those whom they rarely (or never) get to see in person. Video conferencing can help you communicate and organize information in new ways so others can benefit from it. 

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