Video Talk Apps for Businesses: How Are They Different?

We have come a long way since the inception of the telegraph in 1840 as the channels that we use to communicate with one another has changed drastically over the years. Now we can speak with a person on the other end of the world with real-time audio feed or even video. The benefits aren’t just enjoyed by the common people, but also by businesses around the world.

Video Talk Apps are the latest standard in modern communication channels, and consumers and businesses have welcomed it with open arms. The reason for such a positive reception is simple, Video Talks Apps gives the users the ability to connect with another person with two-way video and audio feed regardless of their location.

For businesses, the requirements from a video talk app are more advanced. Here, the emphasis is on using video talk apps for the development of the business. So, video phone apps are most commonly used for managerial communication between headquarters and teams or between the teams themselves. These video talk apps use the internet to send and receive data, enabling organizations to create seamless communication possible between geographically dispersed teams.

Benefits of Using Video Talk Apps

Organizations that employ video talk/chat apps can gain benefits in multitude. Here are some of them:

No More International Roaming Charges: Video talk apps use multiple Internet Protocols (IPs) to make and receive voice calls, video calls or messages. This facility completely eliminates the cost associated with international roaming, which is often the case with common telephony lines. Businesses can easily connect with their remote teams or other businesses at a very low price point.

Omnichannel Support: With video chat apps, organizations can do more than just voice calls. The apps are equipped to make video calls and come with features like instant messaging, three-way-calling and more to facilitate omnichannel communication.

Multi-device Support: Video talk apps can be installed on computers, phones and smart devices alike. This feature allows team members to communicate easily, even when they’re on-the-go.

Recording Capability: Conferences held using video talk apps can be recorded. In the business world, this is very helpful because it helps businesses to refer the chats later if required.

HD Real-time Streaming: Video talk apps leverage the potential of faster internet connection and provide businesses an ability to make lag-free HD video conferencing calls between dispersed teams.

How Do Video Chat Apps Work?

To facilitate the features of audio and video calling along with instant messaging, voicemail and more, video talk apps make use of multiple internet protocols apart from VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It typically falls under the UC (Unified Communications) category where all business communications such as texting, chatting, video conferencing, screen sharing and video meetings are unified and placed over the Internet Protocol.

Unlike VoIP that can be implemented on site, unification of multiple communication channels is typically made possible through the use of cloud services, often termed as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). 

Here’s the fundamental difference between the two:

VoIP: VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a popular internet protocol used by companies to send voice over the internet. The shortcoming of VoIP is that it doesn’t support the protocol for video transmission. Many businesses opt for VoIP telephony due to its cost savings and call clarity over telephone line based phones. However, if your business requires video-based communication, VoIP is not the way to go.

UCaaS: UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service is a combination of protocols that are encased in one single package. The benefit of using UCaaS is that businesses have a multitude of communication services at their disposal, VoIP being one of them. This is why Video Talk Apps use UCaaS based communication instead of voice only services.

For a business that is expanding across different geographies, efficient communication with teams is integral. With video talk apps, this can be made possible. Organizations can bring more efficiency and productivity within dispersed teams through seamless multi-channel communications.

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