Video Phone Apps for Efficient Business Communications

Good communication is a key to any business meeting that is aimed to get things done. However, as businesses continue to expand their teams across continents, it becomes essential to have robust communication systems in place for a lag-free collaboration between dispersed teams. To conquer this, businesses are increasingly adopting advanced tools such as video and audio conferencing apps that harness the power of cloud services to efficiently manage business communications anywhere, on any device.

Video apps facilitate video chat, where people over long distances can communicate using video and audio feed enabled by cameras and microphones. One of the most common video phone apps that businesses use is Skype.

Skype became the crowd favorite for both video and audio calls because of its VoIP integration. This meant that users didn’t have to pay a separate phone bill to call anyone. The only requirement is a stable internet connection and that would be it.

Feature Rich Alternative to Personal Video Phone Apps for Businesses

The VoIP based video phone apps that we have on our phone fall under the tag of “Consumer grade” video calling options. For businesses, however, video phone apps should do more than just provide video calling capability. They should also possess analytical capabilities that will help the businesses to monitor their communication channels, something that consumer video calling apps doesn’t provide.

Business video phone apps come with every single feature that is seen on consumer video phone apps. A consumer video phone app might help small businesses stay in touch with their teams but as soon as the company scales, this will prove to be very inefficient.

Some of the major features of business class video phone apps are:

High capacity/bandwidth video conferencing: What if you want to communicate with more than one of your teams? With the ordinary video phone app, this feat is impossible because they are intended for personal use and not for such a large scale approach. However, that is not the case with video phone apps aimed at businesses, they are capable of hosting conferences of massive scales by using advanced screen sharing options.

Advanced Calling Features: Enterprise-class video phone app offers advanced call features such as call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, voicemail, and call blocking, which is usually not available with consumer VoIP services.

HD capability: Even though modern video phone apps provide HD quality, it is largely dependent on the connected nodes. In simpler terms, the quality keeps taking hits as the number of participants increase in video phone apps. Business-oriented video phones do not have such limitations as the servers are more than capable of providing lossless video and audio output to any number of nodes.

CRM integration: Even though video phone apps are communication applications, that doesn’t mean that they should be treated as a standalone entity. Business-oriented video phone apps come with the ability to be integrated with CRM software so that customer stats between the teams can be analyzed for improving the overall efficiency of the business.

Enhancing Business Communications Further with UCaaS

While VoIP has indeed opened doors for businesses to deploy a cost-effective communication solution, an increasing number of organizations are looking forward to unifying their business communications through UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service. It is a Unified Communications approach where apps are hosted and delivered as a service by a cloud communications vendor.

VoIP is an essential part of a broader group of services available with UCaaS such as video conferencing, collaboration tools, file sharing, instant messaging and more. This brings tremendous benefits for businesses over VoIP-only implementation.

With the ability to unify all communication channels and data across all business apps, organizations can remain productive and decrease errors, ensure seamless communication between geographically dispersed teams and also remain cost-effective by reducing the total cost of ownership required to manage the communication tools.

As businesses scale and continue to expand their teams across multiple locations, the need to have a robust communication tool that ensures seamless collaboration between teams is essential. Enterprise-class video phone apps do just that! With integrated video and audio conferencing features, businesses can truly enjoy the freedom of borderless communication with video phone apps.

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