How a Video Chat Recorder Works

Video chat recorders can help you record and save copies of your video conferencing conversations for later. This has a variety of practical value for businesses. In this article, you can read more about what video chat recorders do and how they can benefit your organization. You can also read more about how UCaaS works and get a better understanding of how video chat recording may help you achieve your business goals. 

What is a Video Chat Recorder? 

Video chat recorders allow you to save a video conversation for later. This can provide you with a record of your meetings, allow you to show someone else your meeting later, or enable you to put together training videos. There are a lot of different ways you can use your video chat recorder to benefit your business. If you have video conferencing software, it is likely that this system includes a video chat recorder, so that you can record video chats to refer back to later. 

Since video chat has so many purposes for businesses, it makes sense that being able to record these conversations could  be helpful for a variety of different reasons. 

How Does a Video Chat Recorder Work? 

Video chat recorders save video transmission data and retain it for later review. Generally, they open a window displaying the video being recorded and/or show a message to other video participants so they know that you're currently recording the video. 

Here are a few different ways video chat recorders work: 

  • Separate app: You may have a separate app on your device for recording calls. In that case, you'd just run the app or set it to automatically record any video chat you conduct. 
  • Inside your video conferencing app: Your video chat recorder may work inside your video conferencing app directly. When you choose to record calls, it may notify other call participants that you're recording the chat. 
  • Part of UCaaS: As part of a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), your video recorder may work automatically on all calls in order to include a record of each conversation that can be reviewed later. You may also have call analytics software work in the background to track video conferencing communications in a similar fashion to how data is gathered for audio calls. 

Essentially, you may manually activate recording or the software may do it automatically, depending on how you've configured your software and the features that are available to you. 

Choosing a Video Chat Recorder

To choose a video chat recorder, your organization needs to consider how video chat will be used and what recording features you'll need. If, for instance, you're looking to record conversations that include chat by participants, this may need different software than recording a video conference conversation between two team members. If you are using chat that is built-in as a feature within your UCaaS, then you may not need to shop around for a recorder. 

Ask your UCaaS vendor if you're not sure about recording features. They may be able to recommend the right recorder for your chat application and explain how to use it as well. Keep in mind that some video chat recorders have their own limitations and may not store your videos for very long, so be sure to plan for video storage if that's the case. It's worthwhile to compare features when you're looking for the right video chat recorder for you. 

Getting Started with a Video Chat Recorder

If you're looking for a video chat recorder, it's helpful to compare features and shop around. Video chat recorders can help you save meetings for later, keep a record of important conversations, or create in-house training videos, among other things. Video chat recorders are often included with UCaaS software, so if you have UCaaS you may want to ask your vendor about video chat recorders, too. It may be beneficial for your business. 

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