VoIP Mobile Apps for iPhone to PC Video Calling

With access to mobile devices, traditional phone systems that are tied to desks are too difficult to fit in today’s working environments. Communicating an important message to your team while you’re on the go or working remotely, makes wired phones completely useless today.

Smartphones are increasingly taking over desk phones as they offer mobility. In addition to this, having access to a high-speed internet has further taken communications to a new level, enabling video conferencing and host of other features that enhance business productivity.

It is possible today to make voice and video calls through video calling apps like FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo and others that can be installed directly on any iOS or Android devices. While these apps are more consumer-centric, virtual phone systems are specially built for businesses, allowing you to manage your office numbers without actually requiring physical phones on every desk.

Virtual phone systems essentially eliminate the requirement of hardware equipment and miles of cable to establish a communication network within the office. Instead, the system moves all your calls to the cloud for a much lower setup cost and makes communication within teams possible directly through their personal smartphones. This allows you and your employees to make secure business calls, remotely participate in online meetings and exchange messages from anywhere by harnessing the power of the cloud.

Making Video Calls from iPhone to PC

Virtual phone systems operate through software usually hosted on the cloud and make use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for voice and video calling. You’ll get an online admin app where you can easily manage your company’s numbers and call routing as well as record and playback call recordings.

These systems also come with apps that can be installed on your iPhone to make and receive calls, share screens, and join video conferences or online meetings with ease. The app routes all calls over your iPhone’s internet connection, thus saving more money on long distance and international calls.

These apps also provide a host of other features, and third-party services integration is one of them. With such capability, you can easily log calls directly to your CRM and make your phone system even more powerful. Additionally, you can utilize the app to host live webinars or broadcast video with your teams on their PC or any device, make 3-way calls, transfer callers to other extensions, and do much more.

Choosing the Right Solution to Extend Video Capabilities

Video calls are increasingly becoming popular within businesses and are must-haves today, especially when people are always on the go. However, if you’re planning to invest in virtual phone systems to modernize your business’ communications, make sure to look for following features and functionality:

  • Video Quality. A virtual phone system should offer excellent HD quality video and must also be lightweight enough to work well even on less stable networks. Good quality video and audio will ensure reliable communication with your teams while you’re on the go.
  • Multiple Device Support. The video calling solution must support as many devices as possible ranging from PCs, Mac, iOS and Android devices so that the power of mobility can be extended to all your team members.
  • Feature Support. Mobile VoIP apps are essentially meant to let you access key features of your virtual phone systems remotely. Right from recording and sharing meetings to set up video conferencing or messaging, it is important that the app has all the features that you would normally access through the PC or laptop.
  • Security. To ensure that your important business conversations remain confidential and safe against the prying eyes, it is crucial that the virtual phone systems offer data encryption with enterprise-grade security.

Mobile VoIP apps that come with virtual phone systems extend the communication capability of your business while eliminating the need of having desk phones. The app allows you to collaborate with your team members over video through a personal smartphone using cloud services. In today’s scenario where people are always on the go, these apps essentially support the demands of a modern business environment. VoIP Mobile Apps inevitably help you in taking productivity to the next level! 

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