Powerful Video Converters: Why They Matter

Video converters get no mention in our everyday lives but they have a very big impact on the world every single day! It may come as surprising but every video that you see on the internet might have gone through some kind of video conversion before it makes it to the screen, thus, video converters.

Now, why would someone go through the pain of converting a video with a powerful video converter when they can just upload the same file that they caught with their device? Well, it is not as easy as it seems, and the major reason why they are converted to a different format is for our own good!

Videos (on professional cameras) are shot in a format that is called RAW, an uncompressed video format that doesn’t use any compression technique on the file. However, these video files will have massive file sizes.

For example, a 60-minute RAW footage shot on 4K will be close to 4000 GB or 4 terabytes. You can already sense the problem with such a scenario. Trying to stream a RAW video over the internet will require you to have a blazing internet connection. RAW files also have a large impact in storage spaces because they eat through storage very quickly.

The Solution? 

Powerful video converters are used to make some modifications, mainly compression, to these video files. The video converter software takes in the video and compresses it in such a way that only a very minimal amount of data is lost in the process, but makes a large impact in their size.

This is what defines powerful video converter from the ordinary ones. If you are using just any video converters, then they might do a bad job at compressing the video, resulting in a messy looking output.

At the end of the compression process, the video will be converted to the new container file. There are many container files formats available today, but again, choosing a fairly lossless format will help the video to retain most of its information, standing close to the original quality.

Also, RAW videos are not supported widely by online video streaming services. For examples, if you want to upload a video to YouTube, you will need the file in the following formats:


So when you are looking for powerful video converter software, make sure it comes with all the bells and whistles so that it can convert the video to any file format.

Again, one among the misconceptions that people have about video converters is that they can decompress compressed videos and bring back the original quality of the video. This is not possible because when a video file is compressed, it will lose some of its information and trying no matter how hard to regain is impossible because the specific details are lost with the compression process.

Why Video Converters Are Important

Storage. As we discussed, RAW files require a ton of space, even more than 20x the space required by the compressed files. Having a minimal dip in quality for a large improvement in storage is a fair trade by all means!

Upload and streaming. Uploading a file to the internet will cost you data and time. The larger the file, the larger the data impact and the more time you need to upload it. Uploading a RAW file into the internet not only affects the uploader but also the user at the other end because streaming large files will require a sufficiently speedy internet connection.

Universal compatibility. The file type that you record might not be supported by users worldwide. Thus video converters can be used to convert the files into popular video formats like MP4, MOV, MKV etc. so that it can work on any computer or mobile device without any issues.


Integration of video converters with video software is a major reason why we have so many video file types. Without such integration, we would require the same decoder that is used on the camera that shot the video file.

However, video converters and video software have done a great job in terms of creating fairly lossless videos with a major reduction in file size. This integration can be seen in real time with video conferencing. In video conferencing, the video is shot, compressed and sent over the internet in real time. However, the quality largely depends on the service provider.

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