UCaaS Software Video Capabilities

UCaaS software has a variety of different features, and the ability to send video is generally one of these features businesses can use. Video conferencing allows businesses to communicate with distant employees and stay connected. With video, businesses can hold classes, teach vendors and customers how to use new products and technologies, brief new salespeople and other employees, and hold meetings. 

Thanks to UCaaS, it's now easier than ever before to integrate video functionality into the other features and tools you use for your business. Having everything on the same platform makes it easier for the entire organization to stay connected. 

How to Send Videos with UCaaS Software

Sending videos with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) software is as easy as setting up a video conference. This allows you to communicate with others in a live or recorded meeting. Alternatively, you can send another video the same way you'd send other attachments and files through your UCaaS system. 

Here are some ideas for sending videos with UCaaS: 

  • Video Conferencing: Set up a video conference around a certain topic. Pick the location, time, and other details before sending invites and information off to people who need to participate. You may want to spend some time promoting the conference online and offline, depending on your organization's needs and plans for the meeting. 
  • Chat: Generally, you can add a link to an existing video into chat directly or attach it as a file. 
  • Messaging: Instant messaging platforms can be used to send a link or a video file. This depends on how file attachments and links are normally handled for your app. 
  • Email: Send an email with the link or file attached to provide a coworker or someone else with direct access to a video. 
  • Website: Post your video to a website or social media platform, depending on where you need the video to be and who needs to see it. 

With UCaaS, you have various options for posting, sharing, and viewing videos. 

How Does Video Play a Role in UCaaS Software? 

Video is one of the formats you can use to meet with coworkers or schedule meetings within your organization. This is generally in the form of a video conference. Video conferencing technology is basically a video call---you can set up individual or group meetings, hold classes, provide webinars, and so much more. 

Here are a few ideas for how you can use video conferencing: 

  • Collaborate: Work on a project that would normally require video or direct meetings. 
  • Host meetings: Use video conferencing as an alternative to live, in-person meetings. 
  • Teach and train: Provide training and teach new techniques or share product information with new employees, even if they're far away. 
  • Work remotely: Power remote work and enable people to check-in even while they're away from the office. 
  • Record meetings: Save meetings for later or allow more people to benefit from them through video. Keep better records and enable your team to save important meetings. Share recorded meetings with vendors and partners. 

Thanks to video, it's easier than ever to collaborate at a distance and make more remote work possible. 

What Other Features are Available with UCaaS Software and Video? 

UCaaS software and video allow teams to collaborate. Alongside video, there are a variety of other software features in UCaaS that let your organization share tasks and get more work done. 

For instance: 

  • VoIP phone: Voice over Internet Protocol phone service is one of the main features of UCaaS, enabling people to make phone calls using the Internet. 
  • SMS text: Text messaging system where people can communicate with smartphones, other UCaaS users, and other text app systems. 
  • Chat: Use chat to communicate with other UCaaS users and with website visitors. 

How Do I Get Started with UCaaS and Video? 

UCaaS software allows you to use video conferencing. Video conferencing is great for hosting meetings, offering classes, and more. Other UCaaS features also work with video conferencing to help organizations collaborate. 

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