How Does High Quality Video Work with UCaaS?

High quality video enables you to be more productive at work and gain access to important collaborative tools and functions as an organization. With higher video quality, picture and sound load better and remain in sinc. Bad video quality can be distracting and frustrating for participants. Thankfully, today's UCaaS systems generally offer high quality video that can empower you to do more as a team.

Finding the right high quality video app can help your organization stay on target and accomplish more.

How Does High Quality Video Work with UCaaS?

High quality video is typically offered as part of the video conferencing app within a UCaaS platform. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies to power business communications within a platform.

It's important to have the right setup to maximize video quality, regardless of the type of app you use for video conferencing. Here are some factors that impact video conferencing quality:

  • Bandwidth: Your Internet bandwidth is one factor--typically, the more bandwidth you have, the better.
  • Packet loss: With a higher packet loss in your network, your video quality will suffer.
  • Your Internet service: Depending on the service you have, your Internet connection can be good or bad and this will impact your video quality.
  • Webcam and equipment quality: Try to use the best equipment you can to maximize video quality for your conferences.
  • CPU and onboard hardware: With a faster and higher quality CPU, you can ensure video processing speeds are more effective.
  • App settings: You may also want to consider app settings when trying to improve video quality, since this sometimes impacts video.
  • Your app: Having the right app may be crucial, too. After all, quality probably won't get any better than the app enables in the first place.
  • Other apps: If you're running other applications at the same time, you may be missing out on processing capabilities. Try to just run the apps you really need. If possible, focus on running the communication and conferencing apps you need for your meeting or conference.

Be sure to try different strategies if you're having trouble getting the video quality you need. Video quality is influenced by a wide variety of different factors and it's important to make sure you're doing what you can to troubleshoot effectively.

UCaaS systems allow you to use high quality video with your video conferencing, but they don't guarantee it. Try to take advantage of everything you can to maximize your results. If all else fails, talk to your UCaaS vendor for ideas. You may need to try a different app or even upgrade your equipment to provide better video quality.

How Do You Use High Quality Video with UCaaS?

Video conferencing can offer your organization a variety of important benefits. In order for it to be effective, however, you need high quality video with your UCaaS system.

High quality video helps with:

  • Offering better video conferences: Create effective video conferences that allow your organization to become more productive.
  • Enabling remote work: Your team can work from anywhere with meetings that can get together remotely. Not everyone has to be in the office or at headquarters to participate anymore.
  • Making meetings better: Hold better meetings and empower your organization to move forward with high quality video.
  • Screensharing: Allow everyone to be on the same page and share a spreadsheet, document, notes, or the same video. With screensharing, it's like you're all there in the same room and can collaborate on the same tasks quickly and easily.

Getting Started with High Quality Video and UCaaS

To get started with high quality video conferencing, you'll need to choose the right video conferencing app for your organization. Video conferencing can help you accomplish more and collaborate as an organization. This can enable you to become more productive.

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