The Facts about Cloud Computing and Video Software

Thanks to the cloud, video software is easier to run and use than ever. Video conferencing software doesn't have to exclusively run on-premises anymore. This means organizations can get better video capabilities with less upfront equipment and software costs. Running video software in the cloud can save on IT admin costs, make it easier to give everyone in an organization access, and reduce the infrastructure investment needed to use great video conferencing software. 

How Does Cloud Computing Work with Video Software? 

How cloud computing works video into the mix is an interesting topic for organizations looking at video conferencing software. Video software enables organizations to reduce meeting costs and generate significant savings on travel if they decide to use conferencing as a true alternative to meeting in-person. 

Here's how cloud computing works:

  1. Starting the software. First, a user starts the software platform by visiting a website or user portal. On the user side, this uses minimal computing resources---it's usually just a web browser being used, so the user's computer doesn't use a ton of memory and processing. This means less expensive infrastructure can be used instead. 
  2. Request. The request is made to servers and computer networks offsite, where the information and software is physically installed and stored. This process happens quickly enough that the software appears to act as though it's installed on the user's computer. 
  3. Response from servers. In response, the cloud servers perform calculations, run software, and return a response to the user's computer. This isn't a single response---generally, it's a conversation that's just been initiated between the user's computer and the server itself. 

In the past (or without cloud computing), software was installed on individual computers for every employee who needed access. This could become a time-consuming, expensive process for organizations with a large number of employees. Managing account access becomes almost a full-time job. In some companies, it is a full-time job or is done by a full IT staff. 

With cloud computing, the hours needed to do this work can be dramatically reduced so IT staff can focus on other tasks instead. 

What Is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud computing relies on a network of computers offsite to handle the processing necessary By using computing resources offsite in another location, cloud computing reduces the need for computing on the user side and makes it easier for organizations to take advantage of the latest video conferencing and software technologies. 

Cloud computing allows organizations to sign up with institutional licenses for software and easily manage access for everyone in the organization. 

How Does Cloud Computing Relate to Video Software? 

Video software is very resource intensive from a computing standpoint. In other words, businesses usually need great computer capabilities onsite and have to keep computers regularly upgraded and updated to provide high-quality video for video conferences. 

Cloud computing makes it possible to access the same great video conferencing capabilities without having to devote extensive onsite computing to the effort. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing and Video Software

Cloud computing and video software together allow organizations access to better video conferencing technologies. This enables organizations to do more and become more productive in their meetings. Companies can also save money, allow IT staff to redirect their efforts away from user account management to other projects, and can enable organizations to have access to better video features. 

How cloud computing works video software into your organization isn't mysterious---the cloud enables your organization to have better access to features. It also extends the capabilities of your own computers, reducing the cost of ownership

Getting Started with Cloud Computing and Video Collaboration

Cloud computing can help make it easier to use video conferencing. This makes it more accessible to more businesses, including small-to-medium-sized (SMB) organizations. Creating a conversation between office computers and servers, cloud computing allows businesses to access better software without having it installed onsite. 

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