How Cisco Video Phones Create Captivating Conversations

Experts say that communication is made up of the following ingredients:

  1. The words you speak - 7%
  2. Your tone of voice and other vocal signals - 38%
  3. Body language including facial expression - 55%

If you conduct valuable business using traditional voice-only communication, your employees only have 35% of the potential communications cues to leverage to their advantage. Advanced IP phone endpoint hardware like Cisco video phones offer a better understanding of communication signals, including facial expression and posture. All people in the conversation need to use a mobile or IP phone with video capability, yet apps and devices are becoming more common over time. 

Cisco 8845 and 8865 IP Video Phones

Cisco IP phones have long been market-leaders as far as quality, price, and value. The 8845 and 8865 Cisco video phones are no exception. With 720p HD video displays and articulating webcams, these phones turn phone conversations into immersive experiences. They can be connected through Bluetooth or cables to a laptop, desktop or mobile device for added interactivity with applications like CRM or call center applications. 

8x8 VoIP phone plans support unlimited calling between extensions, in North America or to other 8x8 clients. Enhancing these conversations with high-quality video builds trust, engagement, and rapport between everyone involved in the conversation.

Maintain Agility Without Disrupting Productivity

If your team includes account managers, creative directors or project managers that attend multiple conference calls a day, voice-only conversations can be challenging to stimulate imagination and engagement. Video adds a human connection, and context to conversations which increase conversations. For customers or colleagues who prefer face-to-face conversations over text messages, emails and voice calls, video phones deliver face time without the travel time or expense. 

Does your organization have agile teams that run standup meetings or scrums? Do your employees sometimes need to work from home or a customer location? Video calls can add the depth of everyone being in the same room, even when you can't. 

Video Conversations are Better to Convey Emotion and Commitment

We all have conversations throughout a day which involve delivering both good news and bad. Emotions like sincerity, enthusiasm, and sympathy resonate better with eye contact.  Stimulation of hearing and sight a video call demands more engagement and attention. 

In our personal lives, we are 2.6 more likely to send a text to a friend than make a voice call. Yet through the evidence of popular social media channels like YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram, being on camera or talking on video is alive and well. Some consumer-oriented video conversation platforms have poor video quality, lack security, and can be unpredictable as far as latency or reliability. Cisco video phones eliminate these challenges.  

Video Phones in the Executive Suite

It's clear that employees in customer-facing roles or those on remote teams can reap amazing benefits from video calls. Similar benefits also exist for executives in the C-Suite, for VPs and director-level roles. Executives can conduct senior-level job interviews via video phones, give briefings to investors, or hold leadership meetings across multiple geographies. 

Executive meetings on voice-only phones are often rich with important insights about where a company is heading, and new initiatives that are in the works. Cisco video phones offer communications security, increased attention, and the ability to access key managers with a multitude of speed-dial buttons. 

These IP phones also support WiFi connectivity, so movement about an office or a building is far simpler that phones that need to be recoded with each move. For businesses with sub-floor ethernet cabling, POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) connectivity adds flexibility to where these devices can be placed or moved to as required. 


Cisco video phones offer many of the benefits of telepresence rooms, or live in-person meetings, without the increased cost or travel time for each respectively. These phones can replace existing voice-only IP phone hardware for those who can benefit from enhanced conversation engagement. Or they can be added to meeting rooms as a means of connecting with colleagues and customers on an ad-hoc basis. 

The opportunities for Return on Investment on this evolving telecommunication platform are limitless. Cost per device is more affordable than you expect, and these devices can be set up rapidly in your office environment. 

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist. 

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