Best Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is a crucial tool for today's businesses. The best video conferencing software puts your company in the driver's seat with collaborative tools that let you remotely work together beyond chat. These software platforms let you see and interact more easily with others and provide rich features and functionality.

But with all the different conferencing software and systems out there, how do you choose the best one for your business?

What Is the Best Video Conferencing Software? 

While the best video conferencing software for your organization may depend in part on how you collaborate and use video conferences to begin with, generally speaking, most video conferencing systems have several features in common. 

For instance, great video conferencing software will typically have these features: 

  • High video and audio quality: High Definition (HD) video allows participants to really see everyone in the meeting, making it easier to interact during the conference. The audio has to be great too, ensuring the participants can hear what's going on. Video conferencing software has to support a high degree of video and audio quality in order to create effective meetings. 
  • Compatibility: Getting compatible software for your equipment, needs, and computer network is important if you plan to rely on video conferencing regularly. 
  • Flexible: Whether you use video conferencing for a small meeting or a large gathering of several hundred people, video conferencing software should be built to handle more and do double-duty when necessary to power your collaboration, too. 
  • Added features: Video conferencing software that works alongside other software you use in the form of software integrations can help you save. This also allows you to get more done with a platform that doesn't negate or encounter conflicts with the various moving parts behind your software. 

Video conferencing is designed to act as a replacement or alternative to meeting in-person, so thanks to video conferencing, businesses are able to achieve higher levels of productivity and potential savings as well. By eliminating the need for in-person meetings, video conferencing software can help organizations save on travel costs and meet together for more trivial, less essential purposes. There's no longer a need to wait for something important enough to call a meeting between groups that are far away from each other, so it's easier to get the team together even if they're in different time zones or locations.

What Do the Best Video Conferencing Software Systems Have in Common? 

Since the best video conferencing systems are strong replacements for in-person meetings, they all typically are very high quality and can handle HD video. They have features that enable people to collaborate, and video conferencing software must meet specific quality requirements. Of course, these requirements differ depending on the organization itself and what the business needs in order to thrive. 

For instance, here are some aspects many great video conferencing software systems have in common: 

  • Meets compliance standards: Whether it's your own compliance or the needs of your customers, great video conferencing software can be secured to meet stringent standards. 
  • Platform and operating system agnostic: Your conferencing software shouldn't care what platforms you or your customers use. The best system should be compatible with whatever platform you use.
  • Friendly user interface: At the very least, your video conferencing software should be reasonably easy to use so your team can get it running quickly with few issues. It helps if it's easy for customers and others who don't use it every day to figure out, too, if necessary. 

In many cases, it doesn't make sense to have a single, one-purpose piece of software anymore — today's communications platforms are built for collaboration on projects and allow for screen sharing, file sharing, easily sharing controls and information, and other features beyond communications. This is one of the key advantages of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). You get more than just video conferencing and web conferencing features — today's communications systems are built for collaboration. 

Getting Started with Video Conferencing Software

The best video conferencing software systems today are doing so much more than just sharing some video and audio. Powerful collaboration features are at the heart of UCaaS. Video conferences can replace more meetings and enable teams to get so much more accomplished within a typical meeting at work. Finding the right video conferencing software often means finding a platform that can fit together and help with more of the collaborative work tasks businesses encounter on a daily basis. 

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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