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8x8’s cloud based communication and collaboration systems provide the highest level of communications security and are configurable to meet HIPAA regulations. As a HIPAA compliant Business Associate, we know the ins and outs of compliant phone systems and contact centres.

Secure Communications Solutions for Healthcare

Business Phone Services

Make communication easy in the office, hospital or on the go. See who’s available and connect with them anywhere.

  • Empowers medical staff with existing mobile devices
  • Provides availability indicators for doctors
  • Enables secure chat and phone calls between caregivers and staff

Unified Communications

Collaborate via chat, web conferencing, document sharing, text, video and voice.

  • Allows doctors and technicians to collaborate remotely, enhancing telemedicine
  • Connects staff from anywhere, anytime
  • Enables doctors to converse with patients remotely

Cloud Contact Centre

Improves the patient experience by making it easy to reach the people who can best answer their questions.

  • Connects patients to the right person at the right time
  • Provides medical workers with up to the minute patient information
  • Manages voice, email, web and chat interactions

Are Your Communications Secure?

– Are your communications fully compliant?

– Is your PBX safe from attack?

– Are personal devices leaving you exposed?

Protect Your Business—and Yourself!


Recent cyber attacks on healthcare enterprises underscore the importance of securing patient data. Cyber thieves are constantly trying to access patient records as healthcare organisations tighten security against such threats. 8x8 vigilantly monitors its cloud based communications systems to protect sensitive patient data.

With the increased enforcement of HIPAA rules, healthcare providers must be careful. That is why all of 8x8’s solutions can be configured to be HIPAA-compliant, and we provide tailored business associate agreements (BAAs) to document your communications compliance.

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Why HIPAA Compliance Should Concern You

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