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Program Terms and Conditions

Updated: January 2019

By registering for or otherwise participating in the 8x8 Referral Program, you accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions and understand that the results of the 8x8 Referral Program, as determined by 8x8 or its agents, is final in all respects.

I. Definitions

a. “8x8” means 8x8 UK Limited who has its registered Office at Oxford House, Bell Business Park, Smeaton Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8JR which is incorporated under the laws of England and Wales and registered at Companies House with Company Number 05083841.

b. “8x8 Referral Program” or “Program” means the program described on the website located at https://www.8x8.com/uk/rewards-program (or such successor site as designated by 8x8) and to which these Terms and Conditions apply.

c. “Lead” means the validly registered and complete information of a company, or individual representing a company, that is a prospective new 8x8 customer.

d. “Referrer” means an individual or company that (i) is properly enrolled on the Program website and (ii) registers a Lead with 8x8.

e. “Referred Customer” means the company, or individual representing a company, referred as a Lead to 8x8 by the Referrer that (i) is not already in 8x8’s lead management database as of the date the Lead is first submitted to 8x8 by Referrer; (ii) becomes an 8x8 customer by submitting an initial service order for at least three (3) Qualifying Lines; and (iii) remains a customer of 8x8 in good standing and has ensured all payments for the Qualifying Period are paid in full AND without any delay in accordance with the respective payment due dates.

f. “Reward” means the definition set out in paragraph a. under Section II. 8x8 Referral Program

g. “Qualifying Line” means a Virtual Office Edition extension or an X Series extension included in the Referred Customer’s initial service order.

h. “Qualifying Add-On Line” means a Virtual Office Edition extension or an X Series extension included in a Referred Customer’s add-on service order that is submitted by the Referred Customer and accepted by 8x8 within the Referred Customer’s Qualifying Period. For the sake of clarity, no add-on orders for a Virtual Office Edition extension or an X Series extension submitted after the expiration of the Referred Customer’s Qualifying Period will be eligible under the Program.

i. “Qualifying Period” means a period of 60 days from the date that Referred Customer’s initial service order for the Qualifying Lines is submitted to 8x8.

j. “Qualifying Add-On Period” means a period of 60 days from the date that Referred Customer’s service order for the Qualifying Add-On Lines is submitted to 8x8.

II. 8x8 Referral Program

a. Reward. (i) Subject to these terms and conditions, for each Qualifying Line and Qualifying Add-On Line that a Referred Customer orders within six (6) months of the date first referred to 8x8 by Referrer, 8x8 shall pay Referrer the amounts specified in the tables below (“Reward”) depending on the Qualifying Line and/or Qualifying Add-On purchased.

Qualifying LineNumber of Lines PurchasedReward Amount Per Line Purchased

Qualifying LineNumber of Lines PurchasedReward Amount Per Line Purchased
X2, X3, X41+£50

Qualifying LineNumber of Lines PurchasedReward Amount Per Line Purchased
X5, X6, X7, X81+£100

 (ii) No reward shall be paid on any Qualifying Lines or Qualifying Add-On Lines which have been removed or cancelled from the Referred Customer’s account during the Qualifying Period and/or the Qualifying Add-On Period. For the avoidance of doubt, the Reward shall be calculated and payable on the Qualifying Lines and/or Qualifying Add-On Lines which are still live at the end of the Qualifying Period.

(iii) The maximum total Reward paid to a Referrer will be capped at £10,000.00 for each Referred Customer.

b. Registration. To be eligible to receive a Reward under the Program, Referrer must be validly enrolled in the program, including by providing complete, accurate, and up to date contact information prior to the expiration of the applicable Qualifying Period for a Referred Customer. Payment of a Reward will be forfeited if Referrer has not complied with the requirements herein.

c. Leads. Referrer must submit a complete and accurate online submission form, including contact information, for each Lead. Only one Lead may be submitted for each prospective new customer of 8x8. A Lead is considered active for a period of six (6) months from the date first submitted by Referrer. If a Lead has not converted into a Referred Customer within the six-month period, the Lead shall expire and the Referrer shall not be entitled to a Reward if the prospective new customer subsequently purchases 8x8 services. Upon submission to 8x8, all Leads will become the sole and exclusive property of 8x8 and will not be returned to Referrer.

d. Limitations and Exclusions. Offer valid in the United Kingdom only and cannot be combined with any other offers. The Program is valid only for referrals to new customers that have not subscribed to any 8x8 service previously. For the avoidance of doubt renewals of any existing subscriptions will not be eligible for this Program. Companies, or individuals representing a company, (i) referred to 8x8 prior to the date on which a Lead is submitted by Referrer to 8x8, (ii) engaged in discussions with 8x8 as of the date the Lead is submitted by Referrer, or (iii) which are an affiliate or subsidiary of an existing 8x8 customer, do not qualify under the Program.

e. Payment. If a Reward is due and Referrer has complied with these terms, 8x8 shall pay the Reward to Referrer within 45 days from the expiration of the applicable Qualifying Period or, with respect to Qualifying Add-On Lines, the expiration of the applicable Qualifying Add-On Period. Payment of a Reward is made in British Pounds by bank transfer or by any other method as may be determined from time to time in 8x8’s sole discretion. Payments will only be made payable to the Referrer.

f. Taxes & Costs. REFERRER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCOME AND ANY OTHER APPLICABLE TAXES ASSOCIATED WITH THE REWARD AND PAYMENT THEREOF. VAT will only be paid to the Referrer if they are VAT Registered and submits a valid VAT invoice displaying their VAT registration number. Additionally, Referrer is solely responsible for any and all incidental expenses and all other costs and expenses Referrer incurs in relation to or arising out of participation in the Program.

III. Referrer

a. By participating in the Program, Referrer acknowledges and agrees to the following:

i. Referrer is an independent contractor and cannot resell 8x8 services. Referrer shall conduct itself in a professional manner. Referrer shall not purport to make any representations or commitments to prospective customers on behalf of 8x8. Referrer shall not make any claims regarding the 8x8 services beyond those made by 8x8 in the documentation relating to 8x8 services available at www.8x8.com/uk (or such successor site as designated by 8x8).

ii. By submitting a Lead, Referrer represents and warrants that (i) it has received prior express written consent the company, or individual representing a company, contact included in the Lead to disclose the contact’s name and business contact information to 8x8; and (ii) the contact is a company or representative of a company in a decision-making role. Referrer acknowledges and agrees that 8x8 may inform the Referred Customer contact that 8x8 received their contact information from Referrer.

iii. 8x8 may cease to offer the 8x8 Referral Program or its benefits to any Referrer whom 8x8, in its sole discretion, suspects of fraud or abuse or breach of the terms of the Program.

b. The following are not eligible to register as a Referrer for the Referral Program: (a) owners, employees, agents, officers, directors, subsidiaries or affiliates of the Referred Customer or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries; or (b) employees, agents, officers, directors, or contractors in the sales (if eligible for commission-based compensation) or marketing departments of 8x8, or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries whether in the UK or otherwise. Family members of those named in (a) and (b) are also excluded from this Program.

IV. 8x8

a. 8x8 is not responsible for: (a) Leads that are lost, delayed, illegible, misdirected, or incomplete; (b) Referrer’s inability to submit a Lead through the Program website; (c) Lead information that was not captured correctly; or (d) any issues associated with hardware, software, telephone, internet, virus contamination, network issues, human error, electronic malfunctions, or any other technical problem.

b. 8x8 may amend or otherwise modify the terms of the 8x8 Referral Program, or suspend or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice.

V. Miscellaneous

a. The 8x8 Referral Program (including these terms and conditions) shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales. The parties consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in England, for any disputes arising out of or relating to this Program

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