Web Conferencing with a Single Click

Presence, chat, voice, video. Done.

Now 8x8 Virtual Office offers you the power to meet with anyone, anywhere with one click.

Meet face-to-face in HD video and HD audio

8x8 Virtual Office Meetings optimize face-to-face web conferences with industry-leading HD audio technology and optional HD video. When bandwidth is constrained, 8x8’s resilient HD video automatically adjusts to deliver high resolution and fidelity with low latency—even over Wi-Fi and the public Internet.

Built into Virtual Office for seamless, instant collaboration

As an integral part of 8x8’s Virtual Office suite, Virtual Office Meetings allow instant, seamless collaboration. You can schedule and even initiate meetings on the fly from within your Virtual Office desktop or mobile app. There’s no need to launch—or manage—a separate meeting application.

Virtual Office Meetings data sheet

Focus your best people on your challenges and opportunities—whether they work down the hall or thousands of miles away.