Integrated Conference Call Services for Smooth Collaboration

8x8 Virtual Office is the all-in-one omnichannel conference calling solution that gives your team everything you need for effective online and remote collaboration. Unlike some conference call providers who only provide audio, our cloud-based solution includes audio, video conferencing, web conferencing and more:

  • Complete cloud conference call phone system: our powerful, cutting-edge, user-friendly cloud business phone system delivers best-in-class features, mobile apps, messaging, and collaboration.
  • HD video and HD audio: high-definition resolution enhances your team’s sense of virtual presence so it looks and sounds like meeting partners are right in the room with you.
  • Reliable connectivity: our 99.9999% core uptime minimizes dropped calls and pixelated video chat images.
  • Mobile collaboration: connect right from your mobile device for easy conference participation from anywhere — perfect for companies with remote workers and contractors.
  • Instant meetings: your conferencing application is always ready to go so you can start meetings at any time, without the need for prior scheduling or operator assistance.
  • Public and private chat: you control who participates in the conversation.
  • Flexible screen-sharing: share screens during meetings so everyone can see what you’re talking about.
  • Simple configuration for easy administration: easily customize your set-up without having to contact IT for assistance — but if you do need help, we also provide top-notch support.

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Make Your Meetings Come to Life

Everyone knows the agony of straining to hear a conference call with a bad phone connection, constantly asking the distant, distorted voice on the other end, "Could you please repeat that?" until both parties are pulling their hair in frustration. Our user-friendly high-resolution conference call phone system is designed to make your remote meetings as realistic and convenient as possible — it's like the other participants are in the room with you.

HD Resolution Brings Remote Teams Together

See your conversation partners face-to-face in realistic HD video with true-to-life HD audio sound — no more gathering around a distant-sounding speakerphone in the middle of an oversized conference table. High-resolution visual and audio quality gives you the power to meet with anyone, anywhere at the click of a button — without sacrificing the personal contact you need for effective collaboration. You and your team members are virtually all in the same office!

Instant Messaging

Seamlessly move from one form of communication to another by turning an instant message (IM) into an impromptu video collaboration session. It's great for those times when an IM conversation gets so detailed you’d rather talk than type or when you need audiovisual contact to supplement text descriptions. Meanwhile, you can keep your IM conversation open to share links or files while you talk face-to-face.

Easily Invite Guests

Guests inside or outside of your network can easily join your meetings, and there’s no need for them to download software or install any plug-ins. Plus, you don’t need to schedule participants ahead of time, so if someone’s name comes up in the conversation, you can simply invite them to join at any time.

Calendar Integration

Simple one-click meeting scheduling for Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar makes it easy to add meetings to your schedule and invite guests. Send out automated invitations and reminders to simplify management of your meetings, reduce scheduling conflicts, and improve attendance.

Tools for Effective Cloud Collaboration

8x8 combines everything you need for business phone services and conference calling into one user-friendly interface, avoiding the hassle of installing extra equipment and multiple apps. 8x8 Virtual Office includes:

  • Unlimited local and long distance calling: hold as many calls as your business needs — without worrying about limits — in up to 45 countries.
  • Audio, web and HD video conferencing: communicate over the channel of your choice, whether you only need audio or want to hold a conversation over the Internet or video chat.
  • Instant messaging and presence: talk over IM, switch seamlessly between IM and video, or combine IM with other channels.
  • Online company directory: instantly access your company’s contact list to invite participants.
  • Enterprise-grade security: top-notch cloud security with voice encryption protects the confidentiality of your conversations.
  • Regulatory compliance: our enterprise-quality security meets regulatory compliance standards, covering HIPAA, FISMA, CPNI, and more.

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