HIPAA and Business Phone Service

HIPAA compliance used to be something that only affected healthcare and directly-related businesses. But the rules have changed and your business could be impacted. If so, the suppliers you use for certain key services, such as business phone services, must also be HIPAA compliant!

Why HIPAA Compliance Should Scare You

Download this white paper, Why HIPAA Compliance Should Scare You and What You Should Ask Your Business Phone Service Provider NOW, and learn:

  • Why many more businesses than heathcare must now become HIPAA compliant
  • Why your business phone service provider must be a HIPAA-compliant Business Associate
  • Why many providers don’t even try to be HIPAA compliant
  • The drastic consequences of non-compliance

Protect your business. Learn what to ask your business phone service provider, and what to look out for.