Cloud, Cloud, Cloud

  • Deep domain expertise supporting global customers in cloud-based unified communications and multi-channel contact centers
  • Maintenance, updates, backups done by 8x8 not internal IT staff

8x8 Cloud is
Real today

  • Global footprint with 15 global data centers
  • Geo routing of calls to closest DC for high QoS
  • QM/Speech microservices for faster feature rollouts

Flexible licenses

  • Add agents as you need them
  • Costs are based on active licenses not complicated license parking decisions

Contact Center

  • Real time data analytics to manage and monitor customer experience
  • Full set of next generation reports for customer management, move beyond CMS
  • Quality management built in, easy agent review for positive customer experience

System integration

  • Integration with leading CRM solutions included
  • Multi-channel agents can move discussion to any appropriate channel during contact
  • Facebook and Twitter interface access for receiving and communicating with any customer

8x8 Cloud CC

  • 8x8 will provide a detailed description of how moving to the cloud benefits your customers and your employees and how 8x8 can connect to any existing Avaya platform

8x8 Cloud CC

  • 8x8 Sales teams will provide a live demonstration of a Modern Cloud CC, showing all communication channels, caller and agent analytics and simplified report generation

8x8 Cloud CC
Proof of Concept

  • Still need proof, we will offer you a 10 agent system, connected to your Avaya system for 30 days.

Complete the form for the Next Step to a Modern 8x8 CC Cloud.

To help you move we offer you three choices:

  • A webinar to provide details on the value of the 8x8 CC cloud
  • Demo of 8x8 CC (your place or virtually)
  • 30 day proof of concept using the X Series X8 feature set.