Best Business Phone Service

Get the best business phone service for your company


Best Business Phone Service

Get the best business phone service for your company


Best Business Phone Service

Get the best business phone service for your company


Best Business Phone Service

Get the best business phone service for your company


Businesses are adopting future-facing business VoIP telephony solutions to elevate of both external and internal communication.

The right business phone services offer reliable voice, high-quality video, and messaging communication platforms to improve productivity for team members and the overall customer experience.

Unlike traditional PSTN landlines, virtual phone services offer a wide range of advanced features like call recording, call routing, video conferencing, and IVR.

Let's get into what business phone service is, some of the best business telephone service providers, and their key features that would best serve your business.

What is a business phone system?

A business phone system is a set of technologies that support a company's voice-based communications.

These days, basic enterprise telephony goes beyond just letting you make and take phone calls—it also provides video conferencing and text messaging. This gives companies the flexibility to connect with consumers and clients in any way they choose.

Why and when you'll need a business phone service

While you can just use your mobile phone number or personal landline to receive calls from clients, remember that your number would not look professional, and you wouldn't be able to communicate as effectively.

Adding a proper business phone service will let you do the following:

  • Use business phone service offerings like call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, call recording, inbound call routing, and more.
  • You can quickly track call duration, wait times, hold times, and overall usage.
  • Use one business phone number with several users simultaneously.
  • You can use a mobile cell phone, desk phone system, cordless phone, or even a computer to make and receive calls. Most business phone systems transmit voice over the internet (VoIP systems). This means that you can take your toll-free or local number anywhere. All you need is high-speed internet.
  • Easily add new agents or employees without assistance from an IT technician.

If you have a small business website or an online store, then adding a professional phone service can help you expand your business. You can use it to build customer relations with professional sales and support over the phone.

What is needed in a business phone system?

Picking a business phone system is very different from picking a phone for personal or home use. When looking for a small, medium, or large business phone system, you'll find many options and a wide range of operating systems. It helps to know what you're looking for. These are some of the popular features which may interest you:

  • Automated answering
  • Headset support, wired and wireless
  • Call forwarding to multiple sources
  • On hold call queuing system
  • Conference call facilities
  • Multiple lines

Finding the correct phone system for your business will allow you to get the features you need at an affordable price. That's why it is important to consider your phone system options.

The best options for business phone service

8×8 X Series

8×8 empowers businesses across 60 countries to connect teams to each other and their clients so they can work together smarter and faster. The UCaaS service provider provides real-time business intelligence and analytics, so companies have unique and actionable data across all interactions and platforms in order to make insightful decisions.

The best features it has for small businesses —

The 8×8 Express was designed with startups and small businesses in mind. This option offers users access to one-on-one group chat, business SMS texting, and unlimited dialing in Canada and the USA, which is perfect for streamlined, unified communications. The Express plan also has features like HD voice and video meetings and instant screen sharing.

Getting started —

The 8×8 Express package is ideal for setting up meetings very quickly as there is no software requirement. Guests can join call meetings using a browser.

Customer Support and Network Reliability —

8×8 has a proper online knowledge base, and its live chatbot, Otto, is available round the clock. Users can additionally file an online support case. Phone support is usually available from Monday to Saturday from 6 AM to 6 PM PT.

It offers 24/7 live system monitoring with geographic redundancy and a 99.999% uptime. Plus 8×8's onboarding alternatives include employee training, complete implementation services, custom solutions, rapid deployment, and more.

Thanks to the wide range of features, a lower starting price, and a self-sign-up alternative, this plan is ideal for larger and smaller operations alike that need the simplicity of video conferencing, messaging, and voice calling in one single application. The first month is free, and there's no hardware or contracts required with this plan.


Nextiva is among the leading service providers of unified communications and business phone services with an affordable price and a great choice for making sure nothing but the best for your business and customers. Their best-in-class customer service and outspoken customer loyalty have earned multiple accolades coming in as the #1 rated service provider by G2 and USNews.

The best features it has for small businesses —

This VoIP provider's most basic package has features that allow users to quickly carry on communications with customers and clients. These include free number porting, mobile and desktop app, online faxing, unlimited calling and texting, and auto attendant. That way, you can remain with your current phone number and pick up previous communications.

Getting started —

Nextiva offers a detailed page on their website dedicated to assisting small companies in getting started with their virtual phone solution. You can read about each feature and then see how they come together in Nextiva's services.

Moreover, onboarding and custom user training, plus a customizable phone solution, are also included.

Customer Support and Network Reliability—

Nextiva has eight global points of presence together with a carrier-grade data center that has a 99.999% uptime. Nextiva also has 24/7 monitoring, has SO/IEC 27001 certification, and provides live system status updates.

Live chat assistance and phone customer service available 24/7.

The Nextiva Essential package starts from $19/month/user. This gives users the basic features of VoIP they'll need for communicating with colleagues and customers.

RingCentral MVP

This is built for use by businesses of all sizes; RingCentral offers a wide range of packages and uses powerful customization options using APIs. It prides itself on helping collaborative teams regardless of location, hence an excellent option for remote teams across different countries.

The best features it has for small businesses —

The Essentials package is available for up to 20 users. This is more lines than many of RingCentral's competitors and at a lower rate. Buying this package gives you the flexibility to grow your small business. RingCentral users can also make use of toll-free numbers, unlimited business SMS texting, and free phone calls.

Getting started —

RingCentral's website says that it's easy to scale and deploy the tool in minutes. You can set up teams inside the centralized admin portal. It's easy to add and remove users, build rules for call routing and call forwarding, and set business hours. Any user can prompt these actions remotely.

Customer Support and Network Reliability —

RingCentral offers 24/7 monitoring, a 99.999% uptime, carrier-grade data centers with failover redundancy, and Quality of Service dashboards/live reporting.

All plans include phone support and 24/7 live chat, and users can also submit a case online.

The Essentials is enough as a starter package and includes an auto-attendant and automatic call recording, which provides virtual receptionist capabilities and ensures users never miss inbound calls. These are features that you might not get in a base plan from another service provider. This plan starts at $19.99/user/month.


How do I set up my business phone system?

It's simple to get started with Voice over Internet Protocol service:

  • Test your internet connection and network
  • Choose the right VoIP hardware.
  • Acquire a business phone number
  • Set up the VoIP phone system
  • Test the new VoIP lines

How do I transfer my phone numbers?

It's simple to transfer phone numbers through porting. This lets you move your current phone number to a new VoIP service provider.

Numbers that can be transferred include:

  • VoIP phone numbers
  • Landline numbers
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Virtual numbers

How reliable is a VoIP phone system?

Moving business phone numbers will take about 2–4 weeks, depending on the different carriers. You can use temporary numbers in the meantime.

In short, the modern cloud VoIP systems are very reliable, so long as you don't have frequent power outages.

You can consider other factors like:

  • Security — Call encryption is a recent enhancement to VoIP. Through SRTP and TLS, data exchanged between the cloud PBX and SIP phones are encrypted.
  • Uptime — the time that a service provider is online and is functioning. Nextiva offers customers 99.999% uptime. This means that the service may not be available for about six minutes every year.

HD voice codecs give twice as much bandwidth; therefore, people can hear a variety of sounds in every call.

Built-in redundancy makes sure that your calls remain online even when your primary data center weakens.