Retail Xperience Magazine:
Transforming the Customer Experience from the Inside Out

The rise of eCommerce. The “end of retail.” The topic’s hot right now. But the numbers show that brick & mortar is still king – and the retail industry is growing at a steady pace. So how are leaders in the industry staying competitive? By strengthening their focus on customer experience above all else.

Platforms like 8x8 X Series that combine employee and customer communications give you the ability to capture valuable moments of customer engagement and transform them into an even better customer experience moving forward – all from a single solution.

Read the 8x8 Retail Xperience magazine to learn:

  • Why 2018 is the watershed moment for digital transformation in retail
  • How 5 brands are creating win-wins by completely rethinking the retail experience
  • The 5 key steps to building a foundation for retail innovation

Digital or physical? There’s no longer a distinction. The experience is everything. Read the magazine to see why.