Features Unique to 8x8:

Feature Unique to Zoom:

Guaranteed global call quality and reliability by an end to end SLA, patented geo-routing, Switchboard Pro, Barge, Monitor, Whisper

Business Phone System


Phone system only GA’d in Jan. 2019 Zoom's phone system was introduced as generally available only in January 2019, so it has a very limited history of quality and reliability

Extensible to enterprise, seamless communication among 23+ messaging apps, business SMS

Team Messaging


See whether a user is currently active on the mobile or desktop app

8x8 video quality performed better when tested under congested network performance

Video Conferencing


Up to 1,000 participants, in-room experience, raise hand, co-annotation on shared screen
Multichannel contact center, one click subject matter access, predictive dialing

Contact Center


No solution offered
Call activity analytics, supervisor analytics, speech analytics, sentiment analysis, contact center analytics



Meetings analytics, end of meeting feedback survey
Out of the box integrations with business applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, G Suite (including screen pop) as well as SD-WAN integrations



LTI/LMS systems, Gitlab, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zapier

FISMA, ISO 27001, UK Government ATO, Cyber Essentials, CPNI, fully HIPAA compliant

Security & Compliance



Largest UCaaS deployment worldwide, can deploy 100 sites per week for one company

Speed of Deployment, Support, & Training


Cloud status tracker

Easy to roll out and manage while also having advanced voice features and a wider selection of end-user phones

Ease of Rolling Out New Users &
Multisite Administration


Pre-configure downloads

Transfer a live call from phone to desktop to mobile app, record voicemail greeting in app



Virtual background on iPhone, accessibility features

Ask Before You Buy

Questions to Ask Vendors Before Purchasing:

    Things to Consider When Choosing a New Vendor:Ask Vendors if They Have These Capabilities:
    • Want an SLA on end to end call quality?
    • Want dashboards on call activity, call queues and ring groups?
    • Should employees use their personal number or business number for SMS?
    • Want to provide end users the flexibility to change their voicemail from the mobile app?
    • Need fax services?
    • Will you ever need to purchase a toll-free number or an international number for your phone system?
    • Geo-route calls to improve call quality and reliability
    • Escalate a call to a meeting, inviting additional participants
    • Chat with users in Slack, SFDC Chatter, Hangouts, & other chat apps without having to log into them
    • Embed within CRM applications
    • Support multiple hardware companies – Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Panasonic
    • Support public internet, private network such as MPLS or SD-WAN, are carrier agnostic
    • Move a live call with no interruption at all from hard phone to desktop app to mobile app

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