Multi-Video Conferencing Makes Business Collaborations Effective

Today’s connected era has enabled businesses and corporations to collaborate with geographically dispersed partners and employees more efficiently. Thanks to the power of the Internet, people can easily interact with one another through electronic mediums, regardless of location.

While there are numerous channels of communications available to connect with remote teams, vendors, and partners, video conferencing is inevitably the most effective as it offers participants to visually interact with each other. Video conferencing has enabled businesses to hold face-to-face meetings with people without requiring them to be in one specific location.

To make video conference calls, all you need is an Internet connection, a display with a microphone, webcam, speakers, and software that lets you stream video and audio to bridge the digital connection with all participants.

Multi-Video Conference vs. Point-to-Point: What’s the Difference?

Video conferencing can happen usually in two ways: point-to-point or multi-video conference (also known as multi-point video calls). Take a look at the differences between the two:

Point-to-Point Video Conference: As the name suggests, point-to-point a video conferencing session allows you to make a video call to one person. Here the physical components like the microphone and camera are often integrated into the desktop, laptop, or tablet, or is usually combined into a dedicated, room-based hardware solution typically found in business conference rooms where groups of people can participate in the meeting.

Multi-Video Conference: With multi-point video conferencing, more than two remote participants can join the conference session. It is often termed as a "virtual meeting room" where all the participants can see and hear each other, share screens, and exchange files during the meeting. Multi-video conferences are extremely useful for participants who cannot attend meetings in person or are located remotely.

While both video-enabled meetings have their own importance, one of the major differences between the two lies in the software that actually makes video conferencing possible. For a point-to-point video conference, the software is usually installed on the participants computing device, whereas for a multi-video conference, the digital information streams in the form of voice, video, and content are processed through a central, independent program.

The software essentially combines the entire individual streaming data, processes it, and re-sends to meeting participants. The local software installed on the participant’s device then decodes the digital stream in the form of real-time audio and video.

Why Multi-Video Conferencing Is Important for Businesses

Multi-video conference solutions essentially break the barriers associated with distance and provide businesses the true collaboration between teams and partners. Here are the three key reasons on why you should adopt multi-video conferencing:

Provides a Better Way to Interact

With multi-video conferencing, you can easily reach several people at a time to hold important discussions from your residence, office, or even while you’re traveling. You can easily see the body language and facial expressions of the participants, which leads to more effective and efficient collaboration.

Saves Time and Money

Meeting new clients, discussing projects, or negotiating deals is routine for any business owner. With a multi-video conference, you don't have to spend more on travel to meet people in person. Having a face-to-face communication through HD quality video calls does the job effectively and can also help save time and money for your organization.

Fosters Productivity

Above all, multi-video conferencing essentially brings more productivity to the organization. No matter where your employees are, you can easily connect with them, set up an instant video meeting, and communicate clearly through video. This can lead to quicker project turnarounds while making your employees feel more empowered and in sync with each other.

Multi-video conferencing is an essential communication method for businesses looking to connect with multiple people, establish productive ways to interact, and bolster productivity. This essentially offers a true collaboration between dispersed teams or partners and enables you to get things done quickly.

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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