Try the iOS Video App for Engaging Virtual Meetings

If you attend as many conference calls and webinars as most of us, you may have found they can lack the personal connection that comes with a face-to-face meeting. Without seeing facial expressions or body language, a lot can be left to interpretation. Especially when you don't know the other person or people on the meeting very well. In other scenarios, using an iOS video app which was developed for personal use, it lacks the security safeguards which are required by regulated industries like:

  • Healthcare 
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Government
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing

In these, or other industries like high tech, where intellectual capital is extremely valuable, ensuring secure transmission of audio and video is a top priority. If you've ever tried using a webinar platform app with an iPhone or iPad, you'll appreciate they are best suited for desktop browsers and not mobile devices. 

Collaborate Like You're Together, Even When You Can't Be

For businesses that adopt agile business practices, or have regular standups or scrums instead of formal meetings, projects can get derailed without the regularly scheduled check-ins. The 8x8 iOS Virtual Office app with HD video capability enables colleagues to interact with each other. They can even sync up with colleagues using Windows Phone video or a video calling app for Android tablet. 

Seeing your colleagues' smiling faces is great, yet the ability to collaborate documents, SMS messages and screen share gives meetings more depth. We've all been there, you have a meeting, everyone has their action items, but human memory is fleeting. The ability to collaboratively document next steps and have them there on the app reduces the risk of these action items falling through the cracks. It's human nature to act more attentive when we can see others and be seen ourselves, so participants are less apt to surf the web or multitask while in the meeting. 

Ease of Access for Colleagues and Customers

The digital era gives us almost immediate access to any knowledge we want, but most of us have lost the ability to remember but a few phone numbers. The ones we do remember aren't usually the work ones either. The ones we usually remember are for our significant other, our Mom and the pizza place with the number in the advertising. A Virtual Meeting application for iOS makes it easy to connect with colleagues, by offering intuitive directories. 

If your business day has you jumping from one meeting to another, sync with your Outlook or Gmail calendar reduces the odds you'll miss meetings or customer appointments. For employees such as sales or service engineers, keeping up with voicemails back at the office can be a challenge. The iOS video app for allows easy access to voicemails for better customer responsiveness. 

Video Doesn't Just Put People in the Spotlight

Most iOS devices have two cameras, so if an attendee is at a conference, or scouting a venue for one, they can take their colleagues or customers for a virtual tour with the tap of a setting icon. If a manufacturer is preparing for a new product launch, sharing a static photo is great, but live video of that product in action is better. If your business is preparing to open a new office or factory, a video conferencing app can take dozens of people for a live guided virtual tour in quality HD resolution. 

When traveling sales, marketing or service consultants are onsite with a customer and need input, why not eliminate that awkward "let me check with my team and get back to you" conversation. Empower them to gather the troops or a loop in a backup resource on a video call immediately.  Documents such as contracts, creative work or invoices are often the center of discussion. Instead of forcing everyone to look at local copies, live collaboration and Integration with cloud storage apps like Apple iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box makes sharing easy. 

One App for Multiple Communication Modes

Ad hoc meetings are challenging to organize, especially when team members are distributed across multiple locations. Sending invitations from email or instant messaging, or switching to phone app then hopping back to the meeting app is way too much juggling. The 8x8 Virtual Office iOS Video app functions enable users to see who is available and makes it easy to invite participants to join from their preferred device with a single screen tap. Windows video phone and Android tablet users can join into meetings with ease as well. 

Collaboration is key to the success of any business. Easily collaborate from anywhere on any device using the most integrated video and audio conferencing with HD quality and instant screen sharing. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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