Sales Support: How Leveraging Sales Support Maximizes ROI

Does your business need more sales support? Or, do you need more effective sales leaders? Today's sales executives are busy. But, they only spend about 22 percent of their time with actual selling to clients. Why? They're tied up with redundant tasks like updating CRM, calling leads, and filing expense reports. Because some sales administrative tasks can be outsourced, you can free up the time for your account executives. When your AEs have more time they can focus on closing the big deals. And, this will maximize your ROI.

Here are a few ways to outsource sales support and help your organization grow and scale.

What is Sales Support?

Sales support includes the functions your sales staff work on to sell products and services and close deals. The functions can vary from one company to the next. However, some tasks can be accomplished by outsourced teams, thereby giving your account executives more time for closing deals.

Your sales staff might include helpers or associates. These are people who have sales experience and can support account executives. Their roles can include:

  • Customer service
  • Lead generation
  • Product training and development
  • Marketing and communications

Then there are your account executives. These are the money makers who close deals. Your AEs/closers are not relationship builders. They're too busy. AEs need associates to nurture and line up deals so they can close them. But, how can you manage this kind of staff when you're still growing? You can outsource your help.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Sales Support

When considering hiring outsourced support to help your closers, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Compensation: When focusing on ROI, you might look at salary, HR benefits, taxes, and IT-related costs. In-house sales support may cost 150 percent of their salaries. Outsourced help may cost only 50 to 75 percent of in-house salaries.
  • Productivity: When outsourcing, you can choose managed services and sales support based on your needs. Your in-house sales reps and executives can oversee outsourced assistants who will answer to them. Your sales reps and executives can guide and develop your outsourced help based on the areas where they need the most support. This can ensure a good fit and reduce turnovers. Turnover costs range from 16 percent for hourly workers to 213 percent for highly-trained workers.
  • Faster scaling potential: When outsourcing sales support, you can scale faster than if you only had in-house help. Your outsourced talent may have insights from other clients in similar industries. Your outsourced help is focused on their specific assignments. Their workflows, KPIs, and metrics are streamlined to add value. Furthermore, you don't have to pay costly benefits for outsourced support.

Why is There a Need for CCaaS and UCaaS Technology?

New possibilities exist for businesses using cloud communications. With cloud-based UC or UCaaS and CCaaS, contact centers are now integrating with UC. No longer will the platforms operate on different levels. This allows for more tools to be available to sales teams. The integration of CCaaS and UCaas will also have a positive impact on customer experiences (CX).

8x8's Sales Support Solutions

With 8x8's sales support solutions, you can reach more prospects, manage call productivity, and close more deals.

8x8 sales support cloud solutions let you:

  • Maximize Sales: You can drive productivity by using automated outbound dialers. This provides high volume telesales and can increase engagement.
  • Increase Workflows: By eliminating manual dialing, you can work more efficiently. And you can use sales reps for value-based projects.
  • Identify High-Quality Leads: With better insight, account executives can reach prospects and close sales faster.

When you integrate cloud and sales support solutions, you'll have strategies in place to effectively grow and scale. And, maximizing your ROI is a win-win.

Outsourcing Can Increase Your Profitability

Outsourcing your sales support can increase your ROI. Your account reps will have more time to focus on closing deals. Additionally, convenient cloud features allow for better customer experiences. To learn more about outsourcing sales support and maximizing ROI, take a look at this Trendzer case study.

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