Online Sales Support Opportunities for Omni-channel Companies

Businesses spend a lot of time, money and energy building an innovative web presence. They invest resources to produce content to build authority and credibility to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Their design and development teams build campaign landing pages and cutting-edge online storefronts.

But these days, it's no longer enough to have a great stand-alone website or an e-commerce channel for business or consumer audiences. Most prospects and customers are looking for sales support before completing a purchase.

Digitally savvy online shoppers enjoy self-service to some extent, yet a Forbes article says 83 percent of online shoppers need some level of sales support during the purchase process.

Baymard Institute research shows the shopping cart abandonment rate is approximately 70 percent, often due to:

  • Unexpected fees
  • Uncertain/long times for shipping
  • Higher costs during checkout because of foreign exchange rates
  • Unclear or unappealing return policies
  • Complicated checkout processes
  • Lack of trust in the company prevented customers from providing their credit card information
  • Website errors
  • Many of these lost sales could have been retained if sales support options were available to allay customer concerns.

Here are four online sales support opportunities your business can leverage by way of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) platforms. We’ll discuss how to mitigate abandoned sales transactions. We’ll cover ways you can increase your return on digital investment through enhanced customer service availability.

1. Live Agent Messaging and Video Chats

As the old adage says, people like to buy from those they like and trust. If a prospect has never been in one of your brick-and-mortar stores or hasn’t interacted with a customer service agent before, building trust is a challenge. Millennials and Generation Z shoppers are often much more comfortable with an online conversation than calling a contact center. Text and video discussions make it easier to have support conversations in context to where an online shopper is, whether they are completing their checkout process or investing a specific product.

Chatbot support can answer some routine questions, yet a survey referenced in a article showed that 55 percent of millennial shoppers felt chatbots lack accuracy, and 28 percent said they find chatbot services lack engagement of natural conversations with live agents.

2. Phone Support

Though many customers prefer the live messaging functionality which CCaaS platforms provide, some questions are easier to address on the phone. Many B2B enterprises offer customers which make high-volume purchases access to affinity programs with support from a Personal Agent. Personalized content and service are growing ever more popular as a competitive differentiator. Offering direct agent access which is familiar with your company's needs is a great way to remove the "sales friction" of self-directed purchasing.

For consumer purchases, providing an IVR with extensions you provide on your website is a great way to ensure customers and/or partners get to a knowledgeable representative that can best assist with completing an order.

3. Social Media Support

For shoppers who prefer to engage with brands on social channels like Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter, providing that option doesn't have to be an isolated function. 8x8 Virtual Contact Center integrates with Facebook and Twitter, enabling customers to choose the way they want to interact with your business support channels.

4. Support for Partners and Internal Sales People

In industries like high tech and telecommunications, value-added resellers, integrators and influencer partners are a significant resource of revenue and market share. Those partners often need help finding the information they need from the vast online resources of hardware manufacturers or application developers. Online sales support representatives can help these partners access the information they need faster.

Internal salespeople often have inside sales or sales operations counterparts that help them with lead generation, preparing customer quotes and sourcing product information. CCaaS platforms which integrate with CRM platforms like or Netsuite provide great opportunities for seamless collaborative selling.

Boost Business With Online Sales Support

Is your B2B or B2C looking for ways to increase your e-commerce sales or drive more conversions from your digital properties? Online sales support for customers, partners and sales operations through CCaaS and UCaaS platforms provided personalized support, just when prospects and customers need it most.

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