How to Improve Your IT Support Marketing

Information technology, also known as IT, has grown rapidly in the last decade with suppliers sprouting up everywhere you look. That's why it's important that you stand out among the sea of companies out there all vying for the attention of your customers. So, how do you level the playing field? By implementing an IT support marketing solution that can help you attract new business and compete in an oversaturated marketplace.

The fact is that many growing IT support companies struggle with gaining new business and meeting customer expectations. Ten or fifteen years ago, that might've been a problem, but today, there are so many tools at your disposal, that's it's almost impossible not to find a solution to handle your IT support marketing needs. Let's take a look at how IT support marketing can benefit your business, but first, we'll start by defining it.

What Is IT Support Marketing?

If you've been relatively successful in your IT support company, you know that IT support marketing is a must these days. You need to be able to tell potential customers what's unique about your company and your services (i.e., what's your unique selling position?). Potential customers need to know why they should choose you over another IT support company. That's where IT support marketing comes in. That means thinking about things like who your target audience is and how you'll be selling to them. For example, will you be selling to small and medium-sized business? Large corporations? And will you be using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Or will you use more traditional methods, like direct mail?

A good IT support marketing strategy can help you define your target market and find unique ways of selling to them in a language (and communication mode) that they can understand. IT support marketing tools like 8x8's Virtual Contact Center can help streamline the sales process by simplifying and automating administrative tasks, allowing your team more time to focus on your marketing. This technology can increase your overall marketing success by giving you a better understanding of interaction patterns that lead to success, giving you up-to-the-minute details on sales team activities on multiple levels, and provide speed analysis and reporting.

Integrating the Marketing Cloud with this kind of software can improve your IT support company even more by giving you insights into customer behavior and interactions from both sides.

What Is the Marketing Cloud?

The Marketing Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that marketers use to create and manage marketing campaigns and relationships with customers. A CRM system can help you better understand your customers and where they are in the customer journey. The Marketing Cloud can help you manage the customer journey, create and manage content, manage social media channels, and provide tools like web personalization and data analysis.

Software Used to Support the Marketing Cloud

The software used to support the Marketing Cloud could be a Contact Center as a Service solution (CCaaS) like the one offered through 8x8's Virtual Contact Center. With a solution like this, you can quickly qualify leads, get speed reporting and analysis, improve pipeline accuracy, and gain insights more easily through follow-ups, surveys, or customer feedback. A Virtual Contact Center solution can provide you with insights about your sales department's performance in real-time, rather than at the end of the quarter and give you better overall control of your company sales.

How Can Software Help When Things Break?

It can be frustrating when things break, but with software like a Virtual Contact Center, you should find the answer to your problem in an easily searchable knowledge base using the provided software. If you don't, you can always contact your service provider to handle issues that could be affecting service levels. Routing parameters can connect your customers to a technician immediately should they experience problems on their end.

So if your IT support could use a boost, consider a software application that helps make managing your IT support marketing a breeze. A contact center as a service solution (CCaaS) like the one mentioned above coupled with a powerful CRM like the Marketing Cloud can transform your business and take it to the next level. Take IT support marketing seriously because your business could always benefit from a boost in both productivity and sales.

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