Software Supporting IT Sales and Marketing

IT sales and marketing teams can benefit from software designed to help them automate and gather sales and marketing intelligence. With the right analytics, your organization can make better decisions about how to modify outreach to find your customers and get the response you need. UCaaS and CCaaS are also useful, since they enable your organization to communicate more effectively. Your business can have a call center or keep all internal communications within a single platform.

In this article, learn more about how IT sales and marketing can use software and improve your outreach and success with customers. Together, using multiple software applications can help you get better results.

What Software Does IT Sales and Marketing Need?

IT sales and marketing software can help your organization reach new customers and offer more helpful solutions. With the right combination of software for your business, you can keep track of customer data, plan your marketing, and connect with customers in more relevant ways.

To that end, there are a few different categories of software that your organization needs. These are just a few:

  • Email marketing - If you do any part of your marketing and sales via email, then having a way to manage mailing lists and campaigns can be enormously useful. Gathering data and performing the right analytics can help you plan out your messaging and stay on top with everything you need to do.
  • Marketing automation - Social media marketing can be automated, and it may pay to do this so you can focus on other things and become more productive. Your software may also help you stay in closer contact with your social profile's followers and friends, making it even easier to do the outreach you need to do.
  • Email tracking - A different thing altogether from email marketing software, email tracking gives you meaningful data and information about your own team's direct interactions with customers. You can see if your personal outreach to prospects was read, and even gain insight into which links within the messages are interesting to your prospects and how long they spent looking at your messages.
  • Customer behaviour tracking - It's also helpful to know what your customers do when they read your marketing and visit your site. Software that can give you insights into how your customers are thinking can be enormously valuable.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) - With a CRM, your business can track customer information and interactions, keeping it all in one place where your customer service and sales teams can directly see what's already been said and done.

This is really just the beginning— with the variety of software available out there, you might be amazed by what your organization can accomplish.

How Can IT Sales and Marketing Use UCaaS and CCaaS

IT sales and marketing need UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) software to help your teams stay in close communication together and with customers. You can set up a call center, chat with everyone on the team, and readily share information.

If you use telemarketing or have a team of call center agents to answer customer questions, then you can use CCaaS to run your call center effectively. You can gather call data, determine how to reach more customers, and more.

Finding the Right Software for Your IT Sales and Marketing

To find the right software, start by carefully considering your organization's needs. It may help to write down any questions and ideas you have for what your business can do. Software can help you organize your sales and marketing while eliminating the silos between sales and marketing departments.

Getting Started with IT Sales and Marketing Software

Thanks to IT sales and marketing software, your organization can learn useful information and automate more of your marketing and sales outreach. UCaaS and CCaaS can help your business communicate more effectively both internally and externally, too.

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