Inside Sales Support: Eliminate Friction and Maximize ROI

Do you need more inside sales support assistance? If there are tensions in your office, there might be a problem with how your sales and marketing teams are aligned.

For some businesses, there may be cliques in the sales and marketing departments. It can be like a scene from Lord of the Flies, where everyone wants to take a different side. More to the point, when marketing and sales aren't aligned properly, small conflicts can lead to gaps in the customer journey. And, this can lead to decreased ROI.

To end sales complaints about marketing leads and marketing complaints about follow-ups, we encourage to look into and utilize these strategies.

  • Inside Sales Support System: How to Align Sales and Marketing Departments
  • All businesses have common objectives: They want to create value and drive results. To achieve this, your sales and marketing departments need to operate in a complementary fashion. Cohesion is crucial for growth and scaling.

But, how do you handle strong personalities and cliques? And, how can you help both teams to better collaborate? The answer is you need better strategies, including the following.

  • Have transparent pricing: Custom quotes are no longer recommended, as customers and clients want transparent pricing. And, when marketing departments make pricing transparent, it ultimately — and positively — influences buyer decisions. By doing so, you'll get more pre-qualified leads for your inside sales teams. And, this reduces friction because deals can close faster. There's less negotiation time on prices and more time exploring benefits.
  • Establish qualified lead quotas: Sales teams work based on the leads they receive. By providing them with more qualified leads, this can help your business achieve optimal bottom-line results. Let marketing establish leads quotas and work with sales to define qualified leads. Ultimately, this will lead to more closed deals and less wasted time.
  • Have more flexible campaigns: By running shorter campaigns, you can see more results. Use PPC to help test various markets and different message strategies, and then optimize ads accordingly. Once you launch to scale, give your sales teams the leads. Because sales cycles are shorter, you can close more deals and get more feedback on ad campaigns.
  • From concept to close, involve marketing: Sales teams need to refer to marketing to substantiate campaigns. By keeping marketing fully involved in the funnel, you can save more time. Marketing's expertise saves sales from guessing at information marketers know. Collaborating closely with marketing ensures all prospect questions are backed with thorough answers and answers aren't given haphazardly, which can break a deal.

  • Link marketer compensation to sales performance: Compensation based on sales means more accountability. Because marketing will be involved from concept to close, they aren't just handing leads over to sales. This leads to gaps in the customer journey. A hand-in-hand approach ensures marketing will confirm that sales have what they need to close each deal.

What Tools and Software are Needed to Support Inside Sales?

Aside from Salesforce, which is a customizable CRM platform, there are other tools and software your inside sales teams need. 8x8 offers sales support solutions to reach prospects, manage your call productivity, and close deals.

With 8x8, you can access:

  • ContactNow: ContactNow is a scalable cloud platform for sales and marketing, allowing you to seamlessly manage inbound and outbound calls, and it includes an IVR system. Additional features include call recording and reporting, broadcast dialing and CRM integrations.
  • VoIP Phone Service: 8x8's VoIP phone communications are cost-effective. You can make voice and video calls globally at little to no cost. And, you can select from best-in-class IP phones and conferencing equipment.
  • Outsourced Sales Support: Use your best talent to close leads. Your outsourced help can generate leads and nurture new clients. It's cost-efficient and allows your business to grow and scale faster.
  • CCaaS and UCaaS: Cloud-based features now combine CCaaS and UCaaS. Your business will have more flexibility and opportunities. And, you can offer clients high-quality customer experiences.
  • 8x8 offers cost-efficient sales support solutions. With cloud integrations and advanced VoIP features, marketing and sales will have effective tools to grow and scale.

Optimize Your Growth Strategies for Improved ROI

Having sales and marketing work together can improve customer and client interactions. Transparent pricing and shorter campaigns will mean increased sales, and you'll be able to close more deals with marketing's assistance. Additionally, with 8x8's VoIP tools and software to leverage inside sales, you can optimize your growth strategies for improved ROI. And that's a win-win for everyone.

Your sales and marketing teams need the best technology to be as productive as possible. With 8x8's Virtual Contact Center, you get world-class technology and everything your domestic or international business needs all in one system. Call 1-866-879-8647 or fill out an online form to request a no-obligation quote from an 8x8 product specialist.

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