How Marketing Can Support Sales Teams

Marketing and sales teams shouldn't be corporate silos, lacking the support and communication necessary to work together. In this article, you can learn a few ways they can support the same goals and bring together marketing in your organization.

How Can Marketing Support Sales Teams?

Marketing and sales teams need to work closely together to help companies accomplish their quotas and goals. Ultimately, it's not enough to have them meet each other once or occasionally attend the same meetings. You need to ensure your marketing and sales teams are aligned so they can work towards the same end goals.

Sales teams and marketing teams have different department goals, but their end goal is the same. Many companies wonder how can marketing support sales teams, but it needn't be a mystery---there are some strategies that can help them both work better together. To do this, they'll need better communication and will have to strive for closer alignment together.

To promote better cohesion between them, here's what your marketing and sales teams can do:

  • Use clear pricing: First, do no harm. Marketing shouldn't add to the sales team's problems by making pricing appear confusing to prospects. Being clear and transparent reduces the likelihood that prospects will remove themselves from the pipeline later when sales talks with them and shares information about pricing. At that point, many would-be buyers could be scared away or prospects could be left feeling like they were "duped" into something with a different price than what they expected.
  • Give both teams the right motivation: Using motivation and leads quotas, you can often convince marketing teams to follow along with and support the sales team's needs. It doesn't make any sense to pit the two against each other or incentivize wildly different behavior. Somehow, depending on your own business model and industry, you need to give both teams a sense of shared destiny and drive. Find a way to link together marketing and sales and their shared success.
  • Use a leads quota for marketing: Give marketing quotas, too. The marketing team needs to have their own quantifiable goals to reach that are similar to what the sales team does.
  • Clearly communicate: Marketing and sales need to talk more often and have clear communication channels.
  • Marketing needs to be flexible: Whenever things change or the sales team notices something that requires a response from marketing, the marketing team must be ready to make changes or adjust their campaigns.
  • Marketers should ask sales for insights on the customer: In order to understand customers better, it helps if marketing is willing to talk to sales.
  • It will take some effort, but it's worth it to have the two teams start working more closely together. In time, it pays off for both teams to understand more about what the other has to go through. It can also help for the two teams to learn more about what the other team is doing to benefit customers.

How Can Marketing and Sales Teams Communicate More Effectively?

Marketing and sales teams can communicate with each other thanks to the right support, the right software, and the right attitude:

  • Support: With agreement and help from management, sales and marketing need to know that the entire company supports their close communication and collaboration. Management shouldn't try to get in the way or micromanage communications between the two departments.
  • Software: Having the best communication tools for your organization can help you communicate more closely together. UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) software can make a difference by enabling your organization to quickly send messages, use different communications media, and more. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service can enable everyone to access better and more affordable phone communications.
  • Attitude: Of course, if the two departments aren't willing to work together, it'll be harder to do.

Bringing Together Your Sales and Marketing

How can marketing support sales teams? By being diligent about communicating and by having shared responsibility for meeting sales goals. The right software, too, can facilitate communications and help both teams work more closely together.

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