Benefits of Offering Direct Marketing Support to Your Sales Team

Your customers are the reason you exist as a business. Having a groundbreaking product or service as a company is useless if you cannot find customers to consume the product or service. But, how do you get and retain customers for your product?

Constant promotions are key to customer attraction and retention. There are several methods that you can use to promote your business. This includes word of mouth, referrals, public relations, publicity, advertising, discounts, free samples, and direct marketing.

Types of Marketing Promotions

Among the many types of promotions, direct marketing is the best promotional method. This is because of the following reasons:

  • It’s only through direct marketing that you will be able to trigger an exclusive response from targeted clusters of customers. When you use other methods like radio advertising, you only guess the feedback of the targeted audience.
  • Unlike promotions such as publicity programs where you are not even sure of results, direct marketing enables you to focus your resources on productive markets.
  • By analyzing the responses received, it’s easier to quantify your marketing success.
  • It’s less costly to use direct marketing to increase sales to existing customers. For example, it will be absurd if you use TV adverts to sell a new product to your existing customers when you can directly contact them.
  • Through regular direct marketing initiatives, you will be able to build customer loyalty and re-establish failed customer relationships with your clients.

As a promotional method, what exactly is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is a form of communicating information about your company, product, or service to your target customers without the use of middlemen. Direct marketing makes use of a variety of channels including phones, one-on-one meetings, text messaging, and contact centers, live chats, emails, websites, database marketing, fliers and catalog distribution, promotional letters, among others.

Not only are direct marketers the first contact for your potential customers, but also they are the main channel through which most future sale opportunities flow. The direct marketing team provides the rest of your organization with a precise view into who may have an interest and who is not yet willing to be pursued.

Direct Marketing Support

According to a survey done by Mckinsey & Company, only 35% of a sales representative’s day is spent selling. The rest is distributed among internal communications, tackling pressing customer concerns and other non-sales activities like billing and invoicing. Salespeople spend most of their direct marketing campaigns updating their management on the progress and market findings. This is not the best use of your company’s resources.

Ideally, your salespeople should spend most of their time interacting and building relationships with prospects and customers. Direct marketing is driven by a simple principle: the more customers you contact, the more likely you will get interested prospects that you can convert into customers.

However, the question is, how can you free up your direct sales people without losing control and key market insights?

The answer lies in investing in integrated tools that will help you remotely keep tabs with the whole sales processes while empowering the direct marketing team to do more. For instance, through cloud phone systems, your direct marketing will be able to use predictive and automated dialers to increase opportunities of engaging your prospects and customers.

The cloud phone systems robotically answer and route calls with an easy-to-use call routing manager. They also have the ability instinctively record incoming and outgoing calls and play back recordings. In addition, these phone systems have an easy self-service configuration and administration feature that empowers your direct marketing team to make changes on-the-go without the help of a full-time IT professional. On the same note, these phones have strong voice encryption capabilities that assure direct marketing teams of keeping their private conversations private.

Cloud solutions providers can also provide you with Agent Supervisor Tools that allows you to stay on top of things. These role-based supervisor tools help you to plan, monitor, react and control every important metric in your contact center. Through the tools, you are able to get real-time statistical information spiced with wallboards that can be projected everywhere. The agent supervisor tools also have the listen and barge features that can help you coach agents when necessary.


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