Providing Content Marketing Support with Contact Centers

Ever since businesses started shifting to online platforms, the need for a robust content marketing strategy also witnessed a significant rise. Content marketing support has turned out to be one of the critical components for organizations looking to have a strong online presence.

The process of content marketing often involves creating valuable and shareable content consisting of informative articles, infographics, case studies, videos, etc., which seek to focus consumer behavior. A good piece of content targeted towards the right audience generates positive brand awareness and helps businesses increase sales.

This change in marketing essentially came as a result of changing customer expectations. People today search the Internet for hours before choosing a product. A Forrester study shows that 45% of adults will abandon their online purchases if they cannot find quick answers to their questions. This certainly shows the potential and need of having a robust online marketing strategy in place with content taking a center stage.

There is an added advantage of producing high-quality content that comes in the form of free organic traffic through search engines. An SEO (search engine optimization) friendly, well-researched piece of content often ranks well on keywords that potential customers use while searching for answers, products or services. This eventually leads to more relevant website visitors who can be converted to potential customers through the right mix of content and proper call to action.

How Call Centers Help in Building Effective Content Marketing

There is an important hidden element that makes content marketing a success – call centers. Imagine a scenario where your content marketing team develops an encouraging video for social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter that leads to a highly engaging blog post on your website.

This post again features a strong call to action so that your potential customers can contact you or buy services/products from your website. Until this point, your content marketing strategies may have worked effectively, but what if these interested consumers also want to get more information or get assistance on one of your products?

The ultimate action that these potential customers would take is calling your customer support agent. This link between your content marketing efforts and customer support is critical, and if done right, it will eventually lead to successful leads, sales, and customer relationships.

Call centers also serve as content marketing support, providing content creators with crucial customer data to build relevant content for the targeted audience. Agents can provide recommendations to the marketer or the copywriters on changing customer needs or questions they ask based on the calls received. This helps in keeping the content fresh and relevant to customers all the time.

Works Both Ways

Call contact centers also benefit from content marketing. Agents can have access to useful customer data such as their interests and preferences generated through content marketing efforts. This data essentially helps agents better position their calls and offer more personalized support to each individual customer.

In addition to this, a tight collaboration between content marketing and call center teams can help build effective customer service strategies and training to the call center agents. The insightful data generated through both channels allows each team to understand customer needs even better and help build solutions to challenges faced by both teams when it comes to guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Content marketing is an effective form of marketing that is here to stay in the modern business world. However, the true potential of content marketing lies in the ability of businesses to seamlessly connect the online marketing efforts with a call center to offer true customer support and generate better outcomes in terms of leads and sales.

This, however, requires a contact center solution that offers tight collaboration between the content marketing and call center teams. The sharing of useful insights between the two eventually helps in optimizing both the marketing strategies to drive better results. As such, it is crucial that businesses choose contact center systems that offer this collaboration and avoid wasting the useful insights generated through the marketing efforts.

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